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Couple Caught Having Sex Inside Taxicab in Daylight

An unidentified couple recently had sex in a taxicab that was traveling on a highway in Shanghai, China.

An unidentified driver in another vehicle filmed the couple as the woman mounted the man in the backseat.

"'I was in the lane next to them and I could see them kissing and pawing each other to start with. They soon got carried away and started having sex right there in the taxi so I decided to film it. I saw at least 10 near misses as drivers swerved to get a better look or took their eyes off the road," the driver told the Daily Mail.

While the couple made love, the taxicab driver reportedly kept his eyes on the road.

China's version of Twitter,, was also full of eyewitnesses who claimed to see the taxi rocking while the couple had sex.

A Shanghai police spokesman said in a statement: "It was clearly very dangerous. Their driver should have stopped and told them to get out. They weren't even wearing seat belts."

Source: Daily Mail


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