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Couple Adopt Pregnant Pit Bull That Can't Give Birth - When They See X-Ray They Realize Why

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Storie, a pregnant Pit Bull who refused to give birth in the animal shelter, finally gave birth to 12 puppies once she was adopted and left the shelter. She was adopted by Chris Hughes and Mariesa Caliguire, a couple who added that Storie was only just rescued a day before they took her in.

The couple immediately took Storie to the vet, an ultrasound revealed she was expecting 12 puppies. LittleThings, the shelter who rescued Storie, reported that she wasn’t feeling comfortable with giving birth there.

Hughes mentioned that having puppies at a shelter can be stressful for both the mother and her puppies, thus Storie’s refusal to give birth there. However, the night she was adopted and brought to the vet, 12 Pit Bull puppies were born and opened their eyes within two weeks.

To find new homes for the puppies, the couple reached out to Pibbles and More Animal Rescue. The couple also decided they wouldn’t be adopting any more animals for the meantime while they focused on relocating these puppies to safe homes.

A little while later, Hughes and Caliguire started an online show called “Life in the Dog House” where they featured their dog rescue efforts. They also run a dog rescue organization for senior dogs called The Mr. Mo Project.

The couple further detailed the difficult and emotional situations of running such an organization, especially when encountering dogs who were survivors of animal cruelty. Caliguire shared a story on when they adopted a fighting dog who, while gentle and loved cuddling with the couple, was covered with horrible open wounds and scars.

Hughes added, the dog even had to go through a special rehab and training as a normal foster group was inadequate. The couple themselves have eight dogs, and several years after encountering the fighting dog, they built a custom bed for them.

Sources: The Epoch Times / Photo Credit: Only Good TV

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