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Cops Find Man In Shower With Cat, Arrest Him After Seeing What He Was Doing

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People say that “desert folk” can be strange people. But that’s really just a prejudice that many people subscribe to. However, one man proved that he fit the stereotype when police discovered strange evidence against him back on March 20. Since then the police have charged the man from Mesa, Arizona for having sexual contact with his pet cat that resulted in injuries to the animal.

Court documents detail the bizarre crime. And as police began to look deeper into allegations against this man, they found something even stranger – this was not the first time that he had been charged with bestiality toward a feline.


Police were called in March 20th with something they will never forget. The caller described how a Mesa man took his cat into the bathroom with him and that the cat had gotten “stuck” on his penis. He was crying out for help, begging the police to remove the feline from his genitalia.

The police report indicates that officers cautiously drove out to University Drive and Lindsay Road to look for what was happening. Because the man knew that what he was doing was a crime, he barred entry to his apartment from the police. But due to the nature of the situation, the police gained entry eventually and the police officer, observed, to his fright, “the defendant naked, standing in the middle of the bathroom with a cat partially wrapped in a towel placed by his genitals.”

Who was the man caught in the act of bestiality? It was 40-year-old Michael Navage. The man immediately started on with a bizarre story to cover up his twisted sexual predilections. He said that “he was only drying his cat off.”

The officer at the scene provided all the details to what they saw that day in Navage’s apartment – although they wish they were things that they could un-see.

“During my investigation, one of the witnesses told me he heard what he thought was a cat in distress. He heard the defendant in the bathroom yelling at the cat and calling that cat a whore.. and telling it to stop [expletive].”

Navage denied that he engaged in sexual intercourse with his cat. He said that it was “impossible” for him to do that.

However, a veterinary exam revealed that he was lying. The cat’s anal area was marked with wounds. And an X-ray found that the feline had most certainly been penetrated, which resulted in previous rib and injuries to the cat’s pelvis. The vet knew that this meant the cat had been penetrated with a larger object.

Navage pretended he had no idea what that was about. He told officers about how he had the cat since it was a little, innocent kitten and that he loved it.

Because of the nature of what the police officers found at the Mesa apartment, they searched the rest of it for criminal activity. They were not disappointed. Police found a stash of methamphetamine along with other bags that contained IDs, credit cards, and a checkbook. The documents had other names beside Navage’s, which indicated that he was engaged in a massive identity theft scandal.

Police also found apparent counterfeit money in Navage’s possession.

Sources: Fox 10 / Photo Credit: Post Image

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