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Cops Burst In And Smash Child’s Birthday Cake, Then Realize Where They Actually Are

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While a family celebrated a 4-year-old’s birthday, they exchanged presents and stood in front of the cake, preparing to sing for the birthday boy. However, suddenly, things changed. In an instant, guns were pointed at their faces, the cake was smashed, and police officers were shouting at the family and pointing their guns at the birthday boy. But now a lawsuit claims that the Chicago Police Department had the wrong family and ruined their boy’s birthday forever, inciting nightmares of gun violence and fear of police.

As Chicago police officers busted through the doors of the family home during the boy’s birthday party, they smashed everything, including his cake and presents. Then they handcuffed parents and raided the rest of the home, turning everything over and destroyed everything in reach.


However, it seems that the Chicago police department had the wrong house in the city’s South Side Gresham neighborhood. Now the boy’s mother Stephanie Bures has come forward to explain how more than a dozen armed police officers burst into the birthday party with their guns drawn. The officers proceeded to use excessive force and shout obscenities at the children at the party while they threatened their lives with their service weapons. The police later learned that they raided the wrong house on the 7700 block of South Paulina Street.

The police claimed that they needed twelve officers that they were seeking a man who was allegedly in possession of the party drug ecstasy. But the officers had the wrong address and refused to listen to the parents at the party.

Nevertheless, the officers refused to listen. They barged into the party that had fifteen people, including four young children. Bures’s attorney Al Hofeld Jr. described how the police broke down the door while they were gathered around the birthday cake.

Hofeld said that seventeen police officers all dressed in plainclothes, busted into the family apartment with guns drawn, shouting, “Get your f****** hands up!” and “We’re doing a f****** raid!”

The family who had gathered to celebrate the boy’s fourth birthday had no idea what was going on. But they were terrified for their lives because the police were pointing their guns at their faces and their fingers were twitching on the triggers.

The boy’s seven-year-old sister started crying because the officers could shoot her and kill her right there while she was just trying to wish her brother a happy birthday.

“To hear her say that, to worry about her or her brother getting shot by someone that is supposed to protect and serve them? It’s terrifying,” the horrified other admitted.

This incident changed the way she looked at police. Because they refused to listen or even ask questions, she knew they were not there to serve her.

Although the residents demanded to see the search warrant, the Chicago police officers refused to reveal it. Instead, they shoved their guns in the family’s faces. The officers then pried doors off hinges, broke a TV, poured hydrogen peroxide onto the boy’s birthday presents, and poured vodka over the family’s clothes.

Sources: Chicago Tribune / Photo Credit: Post Image

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