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Cop Who Fed Homeless Man Poop Sandwich Learns His Fate


In San Antonio, a police officer thought it would be funny to feed a needy, homeless man a “feces sandwich.” Because his colleagues thought it was disgusting and cruel, they reported the incident to the higher ups in the police department and the offending officer named Matthew Luckhurst was fired. However, Luckhurst decided to fight the firing in court and eventually won his appeal.

Although Luckhurst might have vindicated himself in court, the San Antonio police department scoffed when he asked to be reinstated. They refused to re-hire the man who had allegedly fed a homeless man a sandwich full of human excrement.


The reason for Luckhurst’s overturned punishment was on a technicality. The arbiter overturned it because he was not punished in the allotted 180 days since the time of the alleged incident.

Officers reported Luckhurst feeding the homeless man a sandwich filled with dog feces back on May 6, 2016. Luckhurst was on bicycle patrol and decided he wanted to punish the man who was down on his luck. Instead of kicking him while he was down, Luckhurst did one worse – he gave the starving man a sandwich filled with dog crap. He lost his job on October 28, 2016, which was more than 180 days since the day he fed the homeless man a dog-crap sandwich.

Luckhurst tried to challenge the May date because he was in trouble with the police department at the time and said he was not allowed to ride a bicycle from April 6 to June 14. The arbiter voided Luckhurst’s dismissal because they said there was no longer enough evidence that the cop fed the man the sandwich at all, which was exactly what the former Texas cop was hoping. He wanted people to forget all the details of his case, and the people who accused him of doing it to move on and get new jobs elsewhere.

During the appeal, Luckhurst claimed that he never was involved in the incident.

“I never humiliated a homeless person,” Luckhurst said. “I told him to throw the container away.”

When city attorneys questioned him, he agrees that it would be horrible if a police officer fed a homeless person a sandwich loaded with dog dung.

“But if your intent was to have them throw it away, I don’t think that’s inappropriate,” Luckhurst added. “It’s inhumane,” he said. “It’s certainly not conduct. You would expect from a police officer.”

However, Luckhurst was not reinstated to the police force. He is currently involved in another feces-related incident. He was suspended indefinitely after he and another San Antonio police officer boasted about how they left their fecal matter all over a women’s bathroom. Either this cop has a fixation with feces, or he is very immature and finds it fun.

People are very concerned that a police officer might be going around with the intention of terrorizing the people of the city. Although Luckhurst was sworn to protect and serve the people of San Antonio, he used his discretion to feed a homeless man a sandwich filled with feces allegedly. Although the accusation was dismissed, it is still concerning.

Sources: New York Post / Photo Credit: Post Image

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