Cop Gets A Taste Of Karma After Making Mentally Ill Man Twerk, Show Her His Genitals

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In Las Vegas, it has been discovered that one police officer was up to no good. No one wants to think that a police officer will willingly abuse their badge and privilege as a cop in order to get personal pleasure or gain out of their status. But that seems to have been just the case after one officer was discovered doing the unthinkable to a mentally ill patient at a Las Vegas facility.

Last week, the former police officer was arrested at her home following an extensive internal investigation into her conduct while wearing the badge. The police officer has been charged with misconduct, which included making a mentally ill man dancer for her and then force-feeding the man gummy bears. The man was handcuffed while she did it. And then she also filmed another man’s genitals while using racial slurs and homophobic phrases. In other words, she seems to be the exact wrong person for a job in the police department.

The former police officer who was arrested is Rachel Sorkow. She filmed all the evidence that will be used against her in the court of law. She thought it was a good idea to stockpile the video footage and keep it stored on her personal cellphone.

29-year-old Sorkow has been charged with five felony counts of misconduct of a public officer and two misdemeanor charges that include indecent exposure and capturing the image of the private area of another person. Not only did Sorkow exploit her power as a police officer, armed with a firearm, but she also targeted people who were vulnerable so she could extract moments of pleasure from their pain and suffering.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has released a statement detailing how the shamed Sorkow faces these disgusting charges. She was working in the Las Vegas police department’s Community Policing Division when she committed these felonies. Not only was she part of the police force assigned to help the “community,” she decided to use her power to exploit and harass the most vulnerable population of people she could find while armed with her service weapon and wearing the Las Vegas police department badge.

“Detectives learned that on multiple occasions, Sorkow utilized criminal justice information systems and disseminated that information to unauthorized people,” the news release from the Las Vegas PD read. “It was also discovered that there were several interactions with citizens that Sorkow video-recorded on a personal phone in violation of department policy. In one of the videos, the private area of a person was recorded without that person’s knowledge.”

Sorkow is in so much trouble with the law that she is working with attorney Tony Sgro, a lawyer with a reputation for helping such people get out of difficult jams.

Sgro told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that Sorkow plans to fight every charge against her.

“We intend to vigorously defend the allegations and look forward to vetting this out in the courtroom,” he said. “She took her job as a police officer seriously, and it’s important not to make any judgments until people have heard both sides.”

Do you think she committed the crimes or not?

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