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‘Cocky’ Bikers Harass Fed-Up Pickup Truck Driver And His Wife, Get Instant Dose Of Karma

Note: we are republishing this story amid recent reports of a spike in violent road rage incidents throughout the country during the pandemic. More on this here:

Shocking footage of an intense altercation between a group of bikers and the driver of a pickup truck and his friends has gone viral (video below).

Video from Oklahoma shows the aftermath of road rage when a fed-up pickup truck driver gets out of his truck to throw punches at a biker.

The incident allegedly began when the group of bikers pulled beside the driver and began harassing him and his family on the road. However, it is unclear in the video how the altercation began.

The video's description on YouTube states that the truck driver cut off the group of bikers and when the bikers pulled up beside him to tell him off, he pulled over and attacked one of the bikers.

After the truck driver pulled over and got out, another pickup truck pulled up to the scene in front of the group. The driver of the second pickup truck, wearing a blue tank-top, appears to know the other truck driver and confronts the other bikers while the first driver throws punches at their friend.

The man in the tank top is joined by the first driver's wife as she gets out of the truck and yells at the group, telling the bikers that there are children in the car.

A third man then gets out of a red pickup truck with a rifle in hand, which the man in the tank-top attempts to grab from him as he screams at one of the bikers.

Eventually, the biker who was attacked by the first driver gets completely knocked out. He can be seen lying on the ground, completely still, while the rest of the group continues to fight with the truck drivers.

Viewers shared their thoughts about the video on Facebook. 

"Deff got what he deserved," one user commented. "This is why so many bikers get hit because they disrespect driving [etiquette]. Everyone should be defensive while driving whether you are in a vehicle or a motorcycle. Watch out for each other & Respect each other don't get cocky & think you are indestructible. Don't get me wrong, most bikers are not stupid like this kid. I've seen a few bikers going in & out of traffic & just miss getting hit. In fact we almost added one to the pavement one time because it almost clipped us going around us & my husband is a careful driver."

"Sometimes people have to learn a lesson the hard way," another viewer commented. "Maybe the next time he will think twice before harassing someone he does not know. He was lucky this time. Next time he may not be this lucky. He could be dead. Think be for you do something stupid."

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