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Chinese Restaurant's Sign Allegedly Vandalized With 'Insensitive' Graffiti


On Friday afternoon, employees at Hang Ah Tea room, one of the oldest dim sum restaurants in America, found the word “Japan” written in permanent marker on their sandwich board sign.

ABC7’s Dion Lim spoke to one of the restaurant’s co-owners, who stated that while he was not sure what the “1975” on the sign meant, the word Japan written on the Chinese restaurant’s sign brought back memories of the World War II Japanese attack on China.

"We were shocked and appalled," co-owner Frank Chui stated, "We just thought, why? Especially on Friday, on Juneteenth, a date for celebrating freedom and equality.”


Dion Lim tweeted: “Frank Chui Hang Ah Tea Room found his sign vandalized yesterday afternoon. He says ‘Japan’ on a Chinese restaurant brings back memories of Japanese attack on China during WW2.”

Members of the restaurant stated that they hope this serves as a lesson to the community that even the tiniest insensitive acts can have a long lasting impact on others.

The restaurant is working with SFD to review surveillance footage from nearby businesses.

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: Twitter/Dion Lim

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