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Doctors Warn Parents To Avoid Chicken Pox Parties

Chickenpox has always be known to be a highly infectious disease that causes itches, blisters, fever, and headaches for the person infected. It used to be very common among children before, but all thanks to the varicella infection, fewer reports among children have been heard now.

Although when children get this infection, they recover within a week, sometimes the virus causing this chicken pox can be really deadly, especially in pregnant women, children, and individuals with weak immune systems.

The New Trend: Chicken Pox Parties

Hearing all these, you would think everyone should be vaccinated to prevent this virus right? The reverse is actually the case because many parents do not want to vaccinate their children. That's not all; they are intentionally exposing their children to this virus! Why? They think they are helping their children build a strong immune system by exposing them to the virus, so they organize chicken pox parties through private groups on Facebook.

Some parents don’t even mind driving to another state just to allow their child to party with children with chicken pox, and doctors are highly warning and advising parents against this!

Some parents even go as far as putting their children in an enclosed place like a tent with the infected person, so the chances of contracting the chicken pox can be increased. Since chicken pox can be contacted by breathing in the particles from the infected person, this “tent method” really works well. Which is also most likely to be the method used in these chicken pox parties.

Why Getting Chicken Pox Vaccines Is Really Important

The reason most parents want their children to attend the chicken pox parties is to prevent their children from getting the deadly virus later on, although they are doing it in a very wrong way! The only way to prevent your children from getting the deadly virus is to have them vaccinated.

Doctors are also aware of the allergic reactions these vaccines can have on children, which stirs up concerns among the parents, which is quite normal.

Chickenpox can also increase the risks of many bacterial infections like; sepsis, and dehydration. So, when you get your child or children vaccinated, you are not only protecting your child, you are also keeping the community safe too.

You might be wondering about the relationship of the community in this issue, but the relationship between your child and the community is just so connected. An infected child will definitely want to go out to the world, to the grocery store, to the library, and most importantly to school. Which can expose other children with a weak immune system to the infection. So, when you don’t get your child vaccinated, not only are you risking the health of your child, you are also risking that of the community as well.

So do yourself and the community a favor today, and speak with your doctor about the chicken pox vaccine. It is recommended for children between the age of 12 and 15 months, and then again between 4 and 6 years.

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