Cat Kidnaps Puppies For A Heartwarming Reason (Video)

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A cat named Miss Kitty was mother to a litter of kittens that didn't survive -- she became lonely.

The yellow-haired cat really wanted to continue being a mother, so she ended up doing something completely unconventional and yet heartwarming (video below).

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Around the same time, a neighbor's cocker spaniel gave birth to a litter of puppies. The new mother dog, however, was not interested in raising her new babies.

So, Miss Kitty came to the rescue, "kidnapped" the puppies and started taking care of them, herself, Most Exciting Planet reports.

Sometimes, because some animal moms are unstable or inexperienced, the mother will reject its offspring, Relay Hero reports.

Then it depends on another animal to raise the young, or they will not survive.

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This cat's maternal instincts kicked in big-time and her act was singularly heartwarming. She picked up each puppy and carried them into her home where she cleans, nurses and cares for the small black puppies. 

Hopefully, the puppies will grow up to appreciate the maternal instincts of their adopted cat mother.  

Sources: Relay Hero, Most Exciting Planet, Animal Planet via YouTube / Photo credit: Pixabay

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