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Car Dealership Sparks Outrage After Sending Out 'COVID-19 Assistance' Mailer


A Plano car dealership sent out letters to customers and staff addressing an advertisement mailed to residents.

A glossy, two-page color ad was mailed in an envelope marked “COVID 19 STIMULUS ASSISTANCE.”


Karen Wetherbee said that she remembered feeling extremely disappointed after opening the letter.

“It was not a happy time when we pulled out that thing that was for the cars,” she said.


When WGN reached out to the Dempsey dealership, the owner, Tom Dempsey, said that he was investigating why his marketing agency mailed the ad without his approval.

He wrote a letter to customers and staff addressing the issue.


It read: “It is important for me to tell you that I am working with all of my energy to determine exactly how this happened without my knowledge. I promise you there will be new policies and procedures to ensure something like this never happens again. In addition to the internal investigation that I launched; I’m having my attorney look at every legal option available to us.”

The Consumer Federation of America and other groups have warned people about such ads as the government starts mailing out federal stimulus checks.

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: WGN News

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