Business Owner Refuses To Apologize Over 'Controversial' Sign Outside His Restaurant

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A Minnesota business owner, who’s been facing criticism over a sign outside his restaurant, has finally broken his silence over the matter. The board read that Muslims had to “get out” of his restaurant, which, according to sources, is a family-owned property. The Treats Family Restaurant operator Dan Ruedinger has defended himself, saying he did not mean to offend anyone.

Ruedinger spoke to news reporters in Lonsdale, Minnesota. He said that he wanted to write "Muslim extremists" but the space on the board wasn’t enough.


Business operations in the restaurant have been paralyzed for quite some time. It was a short while ago that many protesters moved to the restaurant, pulling down some letters from the board.

Ruedinger says it was human error, and he didn't anticipate it was going to result in the ongoing uproar. It is clear from the protests that quite a significant number of people took it the wrong way. The businessman says that they have nothing against the law-abiding Muslims and that their problem is with extremists.

Ruedinger says that the recent incident where a Somali-American man went into a shopping mall and stabbed eight people was unacceptable. He said that the matter had been on his mind for long and doesn't want the same happening in his business. This is what prompted him to come up with the message on his sign.


The man also spoke about the bombs and the shootings that were happening from time to time. He said that it would be illogical for him or anyone else to welcome refugees with motives to kill people. The owner outlined that his move had nothing to do with racism or religion. His problem is with any form of religion that is keen on preaching violence.

He admits that a section of Muslims are good people as he plans to travel to the Islamic Centre of Faribault. He was summoned to meet Muslim community leaders there by the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: Associated Press

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