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Burger King Employees Turn Heads After Leaving Note For Upper Management On Signboard

Burger King has churned out interesting advertisements and marketing initiatives over the years, but a Nebraska outlet sparked controversy recently after its entire staff decided to quit.

Staff at the outlet left a message for the company’s executives on the outlet’s signboard, writing: "We all quit. Sorry for the inconvenience."

An image of the sign, which was originally shared by former Burger King employee Rachel Flores, soon went viral.

In the Facebook post, Flores wrote: "One of the original photos. We quit cause upper management was a joke and had no care for me or my employees. I put in my 2 weeks and so did MANY other people."

The picture has made the rounds across social media platforms and several media houses. Reportedly, the mass employee exodus was caused by the high pressure at work as well as the upper management’s disinterest in looking after the employees’ welfare.

Speaking to TODAY Food, Flores stated that the air conditioning at the Nebraska outlet was not working during peak summer months, causing many employees to suffer from health issues. She added that the senior Burger King executives just shrugged off the employees’ plight and failed to take responsibility for the same.

The Burger King mass staff resignation is not the first of its kind, and this has become a trend in fast food outlets. In a recent video, a sign posted at a McDonald’s outlet revealed that the store’s entire staff had quit.

The handwritten note at the outlet’s front door read: "Everyone quit. We are closed." 

Sources: NDTV

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