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Boy 'Harasses' Grocery Store Workers, Dad Forces Him To Return To Store And Apologize


With people quarantined in their homes as the pandemic rages on, people are becoming more emotionally volatile, and one teenager is not exempt.

In a video taken at Asda, a teen and his friend can be seen screaming threats and abuse at the employees present. Onlookers seemed offended, and one woman stepped in to chide the boys. However, one yelled back, "F***, how old are you? You look about 80."

This did not sit well with many people, especially since supermarket workers are potentially exposing themselves to COVID-19 as they fulfill their duties. When the father of one of the boys saw the footage, he quickly sprung to action.

Filming the entire situation, he took his son back to the store and demanded that he apologize to the employees. He then posted the video on Facebook.

He described the video as a "public apology to all the members of staff and public at Asda yesterday," writing:

"For everyone who has seen a video of this boy threatening members of staff at Asda yesterday. As a dad I have never been more disgusted and mortified with my son in my life. He has not been brought up to behave in this manner and I do not condone his behavior at all. Just to let you all know, the police have been notified and evidence has been sent – it is now over to them to decide what they wish to do.

Also the police were notified at the first point of call when he was not back from his daily exercise. Both myself and my wife take the Covid-19 pandemic very seriously. I just want to point out for those who blame the parents this is not, and I repeat not, how we have brought him up. He will be thoroughly punished and this will not happen again."

The local authorities confirmed that they had received a report of an assault at the store and an investigation was underway.

The dad was commended on Facebook with many agreeing with his parenting choice. One person commented, "Now that’s a proper Dad I wish more parents could be like that," while another said, "He's lucky to have the father he has, there's hope for him yet. Respect sir."

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: Chasa

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