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BLM Protesters 'Harass' Elderly Diners, Down Their Drink In Front Of Them

Photo Credit: Chad

Photo Credit: Chad

A new video shows Black Lives Matter protestors shouting in the faces of elderly white people dining outdoors in Pittsburg.

The video shows one protestor drinking the beer on an old couple’s table, and another one smashing a glass picked up from a table.

One protestor is heard shouting at the diners: “F**k the white people that built the system,” adding: “F*** 12” referring to the police. Other diners are seen picking up their belonging and leaving after the protestors call them an “embarrassment.”

In another incident, diners in Rochester were confronted by a large group of demonstrators.

“We're shutting your party down,” one woman shouted in the face of a diner as other demonstrators smashed glasses, plates, and overturned chairs in front of the diners.

Another video taken in Pittsburgh shows a demonstrator with a megaphone walking next to a cyclist. Whatever they say is unclear, but the demonstrator is seen nudging the cyclist with his megaphone. When the cyclist swats the demonstrator in response, a second protester hits him from behind.

Police say that they have launched an investigation into both videos, but that there were no arrests during the protest.

A man participating in the protests in Rochester was struck by a car the following day.

The video shared by Carolyn Delvecchio Hoffman shows a group of protestors standing in an intersection on the city's third night of protest.

A vehicle is seen turning right out of the intersection, but only a few screamed out in warning. Seconds later, a red car is seen accelerating into the crowd and the driver sprays at protesters with yellow spray paint.

An unidentified man, who was crouching down on the concrete, did not see the vehicle coming in time, and while he managed to jump in the air, he was still hit by the vehicle and thrown to the ground.

A number of protestors at the scene called for the volunteer medics as the man lay on the ground.

Hoffman stated: “The driver was not arrested at the scene. Volunteer medics responded to the injured protesters.”

She added that she was shot with rubber bullets and pepper spray over the course of the night during the ensuing confrontations with the Rochester Police Department.

Sources: Daily Mail

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