Black Magic Turns Woman’s Thighs Black

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While her husband kept her prisoner, he conducted bizarre and gruesome black magic rituals on her flesh. Now the 31-year-old woman from Brazil was kept locked inside her family home and subjected to “horrifying levels of violence” because her husband decided to use her as a human sacrifice as he practiced black magic. The victim, who has remained anonymous, was trapped by her husband 30-year-old Washington Ribeiro and beaten repeatedly and subjected to other horrible events as a way of torture.

Because Ribeiro beat his wife’s thighs so much, the flesh on them has blackened from the abuse. But that was not the only horror she had to endure at the hands of Ribeiro. She was also repeatedly threatened with “human sacrifice” which was understandably terrifying.


The abuses occurred at the family’s home in Brazil. She only managed to survive because she was able to escape the property when the abuser left to replenish household supplies. She ran to the police from their home in Anapolis, Brazil and told them about what she was dealing with. Not only was the mother abused, but the one-year-old daughter was also subjected to the violence of the husband and father’s satanic acts.


Images were released to the public, which depict the level of abuse the victim endured at the hands of Washington Ribeiro. The large blackened spots on her thighs show where Ribeiro repeatedly beat her so that her flesh died and rotted away.

The wounds came to her thighs after Ribeiro repeatedly lashed her to “appease evil spirits,” and conduct his satanic rituals.


Besides the blackened flesh on her legs, the victim also had discoloration around her body from where Washington Ribeiro beat her again and again. Her flesh was littered with bruises, and she was recovering from a broken arm when she met with police.

Marisleide Santos, chief of the police station near the woman, could not believe the terrors the victim and the one-year-old baby endured because of the father’s satanic beliefs.


“She was allegedly hit on the legs again and again in the same place with pieces of wood, which caused boils to erupt. The assault continued even when the wounds blistered and burst. The attack destroyed the tissue in her legs and caused necrosis to set in.”

Chief Santos was shocked when the victim made it to the police station.


“She arrived at the police station in a very fragile state with wounds and bruises all over her body. She was in agony and psychologically and physically traumatized by her ordeal.”

The victim told police that her husband administered “relentless and brutal domestic violence” to her because of his religious beliefs. He also used black magic as a way to “satisfy” his desire for violence.


Washington belongs to a cult that worships the devil, allegedly, and has offered the victim and their “spawn” to the devil as a human sacrifice if it would please the evil spirits.

Fortunately, the victim escaped and alerted police before that tragedy could occur.


Police found the house “stacked with black magic objects” and the toddler was found in a malnourished state near death.

Sources: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Post Image

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