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Black Family Cuts Their Vacation Short After Finding 'Offensive' Sign At Their Front Door


Kevin Burrell and his family were looking forward to a weekend of fun when they arrived at their cabin at 7A Ranch in Wimberley. However, the trip was cut short after they found a racist sign on the front door.

The front of the sign read: "White lives matter too!! Us people have a noise curfew in this town noise out at 10 pm or get your a**es out of town you people have a nice day now! [sic]," and the back read, "To the late night A****les Big Mouth up to 2:00 AM [sic]."

Burrell stated that they had been playing games on Friday night, but the noise was not high enough to warrant a noise complaint, or a racist sign.

"That's the most terrible thing you could possibly do, is plan a trip and then you have to put in the front of your mind - not the back - that I need to prepare myself and my family in case something horrible happens," he said. "It's so upsetting and hurting you can't enjoy yourself peacefully, law-abiding, taxpaying individuals. You're just going to have fun, unwind, let your kids have the opportunity to breathe fresh air out in the countryside and enjoy life without knowing that right around the corner or in the same area you're in, you're going to be dealing with bigotry and racism."

Wimberley Mayor Gina Fulkerson, together with some city council members, visited Burrell to apologize for the incident, and so did 7A Ranch management.

Burrell's family had planned on staying until Sunday, but left on Saturday, fearing for their own safety, even after they were offered the services of an off-duty police officer standing guard at their cabin.


"It was going to be in our best interest to leave because we didn't know who left the sign. They were even willing to give us an off-duty police officer, just the whole nine, but we just weren't going to be comfortable with that, with the kids and we had some older family members with us. We weren't going to be able to enjoy ourselves. Once you experience something like that, you're no longer in a comfort zone," Burrell stated. "To me, that was just a statement saying, 'Hey, we're going to get your attention.'"

The management at 7A Ranch stated that they has reviewed surveillance footage from the time and saw an individual drive in and out of the ranch, but they got no clear shot of the person. They stated that they were currently working on procuring better cameras for the property.

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: Twitter/News 4 San Antonio

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