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Billboard For 'Controversial' Dating App Sparks Outrage Among Local Residents


People passing by a West Valley City billboard were in for a surprise. The unique – and potentially controversial – billboard was put up on State Route 201, near 6300 W. The billboard advertised the dating service

The website describes it as a dating service that is based in North Salt Lake.

The dating service founder outlined the motivation behind starting the said service. It read; "People ask all the time 'Why White People Meet'? I always say, why not? Just about every other race, religion and walk of life have dating websites so why not Where White People Meet?"

Whether or not the founder was aware that the name would draw a multitude of opinions is unknown.

Brian Ballenger stated, "I'm having trouble with the words right now. I'm a little bit stunned that something like that would even be allowed to get up there in the first place."

A news station, 2News, stopped at a gas station that was down the road from the billboard. When they interviewed a number of people about their reactions, they received mixed reports.

Victoria Padilla laughed it off, stating, "If that's the way they want to roll, I guess that's the way they roll.”

Malory Graham had more intense feelings, "That's stupid! You have being white in common?"

When the outlet reached out to the creator of the website, they declined to be interviewed. The blog hosted on the site seemed to address the question that many people had about the service’s name. Specifically, it addressed the concerns of those who believe that the name is inappropriate, or out of bounds.

According to the founder; “Our intentions in creating this dating website were never meant to be racist or biased in any way. In fact, my personal views are those of tolerance, love, acceptance and understanding.”

Ballenger did not buy this statement. He stated, "To me it has a negative overtone."

However, this is far from the only dating service that is geared towards people of a specific ethnic group. According to, their service is "the largest black dating site for black singles founded in the U.S."

While it is not clear when the West Valley billboard was put, the site itself was launched in early 2016.

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: CBS 17

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