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Bar Manager Forced To Apologize After 'Insensitive' Sign Angers Locals


A very poorly thought of sign in Beauty Bar Las Vegas has been undergoing major street backlash from multiple women in Las Vegas through their official Facebook page, vowing to never go through their establishment ever again.

After posting out a sidewalk sign just last April 14th in front of their store in Freemont Street, they quickly found that they were gaining a lot of attention on social media, but not in a good way as they originally hoped.

The controversial sign had wrote: “I Like my Beer like I like My Violence: Domestic.”


The sign was horribly offensive and insensitive to the victims of Domestic Violence cases, and was seemingly also aimed to be borderline racist, seeing as the ad was put up on a Dos Equis board. The Dos Equis was a very, if not the most popular beer in the US and Mexico, but in recent times as of late, it can be counted as quite a racist and anti-immigrant move towards their neighbors.

Corey Harrison of Pawn Stars, who was one of the owners, is known to be a Trump supporter.

Dos Equis had recently shown their statement to the issue on 4/15, which states:

“We were recently made aware of this sign and are currently working to contact the bar regarding this matter. However, we want to assure you that we absolutely, unequivocally do not support messaging of this nature. Violence of any sort is never funny, and making light of it certainly is not something Dos Equis condones or stands behind.”

According to Pace Vegas’s report on the incident, they had called the Beauty Bar and asked if the sign was indeed real. The woman on the phone line, who identified herself as the manager, did admit that it was true, and that it had been a “poorly thought-out bad joke” and that “they will take full responsibility” for it.

Sources: Pace Vegas / Photo Credit: KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas

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