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Bar Faces Backlash Over 'Offensive' Sign Meant To Turn Away 'So-Called Thugs'


A local bar and bowling alley named Southside Social from Chattanooga City has implemented a new changed policy of its dress code, one which left its patrons in shock and in distaste.


The Chattanooga City Councilman, Chris Anderson has also issued a formal statement regarding the dress code’s issue:

"It came as a bit of a shock to me yesterday that Southside Social, a bar and bowling establishment in my district owned by local developer John Wise, decided to implement a rigid and lengthy dress code that barred individuals wearing such items as plain white tee shirts, hooded sweatshirts, construction/combat boots, and a variety of other clothing items.


Mr. Wise noted in the press that the move was intended to bolster safety at his establishment and to keep out so-called thugs, but one can hardly imagine a way that prohibiting baseball caps (backwards or otherwise), hoodies, or boots invites a safer environment. Rather, policies like these alienate certain residents in our community. That's shameful.

I believe this community will not tolerate thinly-veiled attempts to exclude minorities from local businesses. As the City Councilman representing this district, I feel it is my responsibility to lead by example.

Put simply--while Mr. Wise has every right to enforce this ridiculous dress code at his establishment, we too also have the right to not patronize restaurants and bars that violate our conscience. And that is exactly what I personally intend to do.


Until this dress code is lifted and all Chattanoogans are welcome, I will not be patronizing Southside Social and invite fellow residents to join me in that decision. We have a moral obligation to make our voices heard with our wallets as well as our speech."

Many people have been upset with the bar’s decision on it’s rules, but the bar has not released any other statements regarding the issue.

Sources: News Channel 9 / Photo Credit: WTVC NewsChannel 9

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