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Garlic Milk: The Home Remedy for Back Pain and Sciatica

Back pain remains one of the most common ailments people face. A lot of people go far and wide to find cures for the ailment but to no avail. Statistics have shown that back pain is one of the causes of physical disabilities worldwide. It has also shown that 10 percent of people in America suffer from different types of back pain. 

A high number of people suffering from back pain spends hundreds of thousands on spinal treatment which are supposed to provide relief for the pain or permanently put an end to it. Unfortunately, most of the remedies provided to people with back pain provide little or no relief.

Back pain specialists such as chiropractors often give back pain patients drugs and exercises to manage the pain, and these are temporary solutions. The most common treatments to back pain such as spinal injections, disc replacements, ultrasound, spinal fusion, acupuncture, and TENS machines, have been taken out of the NICE guidelines based on the fact that no tangible evidence proves that they cure back pain.

Without the right treatments, people who suffer from sciatica are even in worse situations. Sciatica commonly affects just one side of a person’s body. It happens when a herniated disc narrows on the spine or if the bone spurs on the spine. This causes a part of the nerve to compress, leading to what is known as sciatica. Patients of sciatica suffer inflammation, numbness in the affected limb and occasional intense pain.

Mild cases of sciatica might subsequently go without any treatments but second level sciatica takes on chronic pain. At this stage, surgery is usually the most common solution. For people who are still seeking other ways to cure back pain or sciatica without surgery, there are some natural and simpler ways to treat your ailment.

Personally, I have had some experience caring for people with sciatica. During that period, I have put some effort into searching for cures for these situations which do not involve surgery or drugs. After some time, I came across a back pain remedy which is garlic milk.

It is understandable that so many people avoid garlic because of the smell and the taste, but garlic provides benefits for people with back pain which fully engulfs its repulsion.

Generally, garlic presents a lot of health benefits. It strengthens the immune system, improves cardiovascular health, it cures infections, reduces inflammation and helps prevent cancer.

When mixed with other nutritious meals such as proteins, vitamins, and calcium, the effects of the garlic milk will begin to manifest quickly.

With a recipe adapted from the Ayurveda practices, people with back pain or sciatica are beginning to experience relief from their pains. The recipe isn’t difficult to get and prepare, and based on the fact that it is a hundred percent natural, you can be sure there are no side effects. After preparing this concoction for patients with back pain, the improvements have been constant.


250ml milk

4 garlic cloves (crushed)

Honey (optional)


Put the crushed garlic cloves and the milk into a saucepan and place it on low heat. Allow it boil.

While boiling, stir often. Ensure the spoon reaches the bottom to prevent burning.

After the mixture is properly boiled, remove it from the heat and leave it cool off.

Add oil to the mixture for sweetening.

Pour the mixture in a cup and drink.

Garlic has the ability to thin the blood, so taking this mixture once a day is the best option. Taking this drink while carrying out recommended exercises will lead you to good health.

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