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Babysitter Arrested After Police Discovered What She Did When Baby Wouldn’t Stop Crying


One babysitter in Bladensburg, Maryland thought she had it all figured out. She told the mother of the infant that she knew exactly how to handle a baby – and that she even had a trick to get the baby to behave. The infant’s parents thought the claims might be too good to be true, but they figured they’d hire 36-year-old Ismelda Ramos Mendoza anyway and give her a chance to prove herself – and for a while, she proved to be great until she didn’t.

On Monday, Mendoza was arrested on child abuse charges. It may be a long time before she sees the light of day outside of a jail cell after you learn about what she did to the 6-month old baby that was in her care.

While Mendoza was caring for the six-month-old, the baby girl started to cry. Mendoza had promised the parents that she had a trick for dealing with a crying baby that made them stop every single time. So she decided that this was the perfect chance to prove to the parents that it worked.

Mendoza picked up the baby and brought the infant into the kitchen. Then she took a pan from the cabinet and placed it on the stove. She heated up the burner and allowed the pan to get very, very hot. It needed to be hot if her plan was going to work.

She had a lot to prove. She really wanted to get the new clients to like her and to keep hiring her every time they needed a babysitter. That’s why, as the six-month-old kept wailing in her ears, Mendoza tried to remind herself why she was doing this.

I must get the baby to stop crying. I must get this baby to stop crying. I must. I must. I must.

The pan was hot enough. Mendoza grabbed the infant and dangled her over the piping hot pan. Then she lowered the baby down until her feet touched the scorching metal. The little girl screamed in pain. Her whining stopped but was replaced by intense shouts of pain.

Her maneuver did not work. The baby continued to cry. Mendoza realized then that she had failed. She had failed her new clients, and more importantly, she had failed to end the frustration of having to hear the tiny baby crying.

Although she may have thought that what she was doing was all right, in the eyes of the law – and common sense – what she did was cruel and unusual. And then when the baby’s mother returned home, Mendoza pretended that she had no clue about what happened to the baby’s feet.

However, the mother knew what happened. The pan was still on the stove – Mendoza had also used it to cook tortillas. The mother immediately dialed 911 and reported the child abuse to the proper authorities. They came and arrested the bad babysitter right then and there on the mother’s word.

Meanwhile, the infant was rushed to the hospital to be treated for the second-degree burns on her feet.

Sources: Washington Times / Photo Credit: Post Image

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