Baby Boy Fitted With Artificial Anus After What Parents Did

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In Germany, two parents, Ismail S. and Nina R. have committed such a horrible and disgusting crime “for sexual gratification” against their six-week-old boy that their faces are not allowed to be shown in public. Because the 23-year-old dad and 26-year-old mom “inflicted horrible injuries on the six-week-old child,” the boy will never be the same again. While in court, chief prosecutor Hubert Stroeber made it clear to the jury that Nina R. simply wanted “sexual gratification” and thus abused the newborn baby until his body was severely damaged.

The infant has suffered a skull injury. He has also developed hemorrhaging and bruising to his lungs and his heart. But that’s not even the most disgusting thing that happened to the newborn. After what his parents did to him, the six-week-old newborn boy needed to have an artificial anus fitted into his tiny, vulnerable body.


Nina R. appears to be the primary perpetrator in this abuse on the infant. She held a job as a saleswoman and has been accused of causing the unthinkable damage to the little baby.

Why did she do it? “She wanted to get sexual satisfaction,” Prosecutor Stoeber said.

Although Nina was the primary offender, Ismail also engaged in the abuse. Prosecutors blame him for causing a “bloody wound” in the six-week-old baby’s genital area. He also created a “visible and painful bruise” on the tiny body.

After they had their fill of him, the couple took the baby to the hospital. Doctors discovered a severe case of peritonitis, which is the inflammation of the peritoneum, which is usually caused when an internal organ is ruptured.

According to Daily Mail, doctors found the newborn “suffering from a skull injury, a cerebral hemorrhage, fractured ribs, bruising to the lungs and heart, and bleeding from the eyes.” The baby also had other bone fractures.

Because the baby was near death, he entered surgery immediately. Doctors needed to rush to get his life saved.

The prosecutor said that “Even professionals in my public prosecutor’s office were shocked.”

The little boy was separated from his depraved parents following the visit to the hospital. He is now seven-months-old and living in the much-safer care of a foster family.

Family and friends later told reporters that Nina had been cruel even as a child when she tortured two guinea pigs to death.

Nina met Ismail in November 2017 and quickly became pregnant with his baby. She delivered the child in August 2018 and soon found that she could achieve “sexual gratification” by torturing the tiny child.

The couple has been in jail since November on charges of grievous bodily harm and sexual abuse. Their trial starts in May.

Online readers are beyond shocked by the facts of this case. Many are calling for the death penalty for the two parents.

People also find themselves very sorry for the little boy who had to endure such cruel and unusual parents. And many admitted to finding the content of the story very disturbing.

What is your reaction to the facts of the case? Have you ever heard of anything like it?

Sources: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Post Image

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