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'Awkward' Student Touches Girl's Arm To Make Friends With Her, Gets Sentenced To Jail


A young 'shy and awkward' 19-year old boy from Durham University has been charged with 2 counts of sexual assault after he touched a girl’s arm and waist 'in an attempt to befriend her.'

The young man, identified as Jamie Griffiths, had googled 'how to make a friend' before he had contact with a 17-year old girl, who had unsuccessfully attempted to strike a conversation with her.


The female victim had been crying during their second encounter, saying that Griffiths 'would have touched her breast had she not moved away', before calling the cops and going to the station with her mother.

She also allegedly claims that her school work had been greatly affected by the incident, where she had been unable to attend to her mock exams for her application to Oxford University.

Griffiths denies the incident, saying that he was just 'shy, anxious and awkward'.

In his defense, he also says that he had just 'clumsily' approached the girl in an attempt to make a friend but the words didn't come out.'

The girl, now 18 years old, says that her first meeting with Griffith was when he was on a railway bridge. 'I saw him facing a hedge and I thought it was really weird. As I walked towards him, he suddenly swung round so he was facing me.


'I think it would have been on my breast had I not moved. When it first happened I didn't think much of it. I forgot about it because I had my exams and just thought it was weird behaviour.'

On the second time, she says: 'He suddenly moved to walk in front of me, looked me straight in the eye, touched me on my side and walked off. It was quite a while - three to five seconds. He smirked at me, he didn't stop he just touched me and walked off and I broke down crying - it was quite traumatic.

Sources: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Snapped Crime TV

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