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Army Veteran Hears Screams, Takes Off To Pool After Seeing What Crowd’s Doing To Boy

Note: we are republishing this story in light of recent reports that suggest more and more people all across the country are performing random acts of kindness even amid the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

An Army veteran saved a 6-year-old boy who nearly drowned in a pool at a Florida resort.

Carlos Mullen was on vacation at a resort in Orlando, Florida, with his fiancee, Christina Lamothe. The couple was relaxing in their room on the third floor when they heard screams coming from below.

"I hear this blood-curdling scream," said Lamothe. "People were just screaming."

Mullen looked over the railing and saw a boy lying on the ground, with a group of people surrounding him. He jumped into action, rushing downstairs to see how he could help.

Once he made it downstairs, Mullen discovered that a 6-year-old boy was unconscious after he inhaled a large amount of water while swimming. He was pulled out of the water and onto the pool's deck by his brothers. People near the pool were begging for someone to help.

"I looked in this kid's eyes, and I've seen shock on a man's face before," Mullen said. "This kid had that look."

Mullen's military training paid off. He performed CPR on the boy and within just a few moments, was able to bring him back to consciousness.

"I was able to do what I had to do to get the child a heartbeat," he said.

Westgate Resorts, where the incident occurred, does not have lifeguards on duty. Signs surrounding the pool warn guests to swim at their own risk.

Mullen and Lamothe wanted to use the story as an opportunity to remind others that if there is not a lifeguard on duty, people should be on the lookout to make sure those around them are safe.

"If you see something going down, don't be afraid to jump in and help," Mullen said.

Lamothe said the boy could have died if it were not for her fiance.

"God forbid he didn't go down there, I don't know what would have happened," she said, according to Fox News. "That family probably wouldn't have had a son anymore."

When asked if he felt like a hero, Mullen responded humbly.

"Not at all," he said. "The heroes are [the boy's] brothers. His brothers pulled him out of the water."

Readers shared their thoughts on the story on Facebook.

"Thank God for your quick thinking and willingness to do what was necessary to save that precious child," one reader commented. "THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT A TRUE HEROE DOES. God Bless You and Keep You Safe in His Loving Care."

"What a heart warming story," another user wrote. "God bless that young hero for being in the right place at the right time."

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