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Army Drill Sergeant Stops Purse Snatcher In His Tracks Inside Walmart

Police stated that a Good Samaritan stopped a wallet snatcher on Tuesday while he was in a New Hampshire Walmart.

According to authorities, a 51-year-old woman was looking through holiday cards at around 5 p.m. when a man walked by her and took her wallet out of her purse, which was sitting in her shopping cart.

“Stop him... he has my wallet,” the woman yelled when she saw him.

A customer standing nearby, 45-year-old Richard White, heard the woman screaming and saw the suspect running. He acted quickly, grabbing the suspect’s arm before pinning him to the ground. He detained the suspect until Manchester police officers arrived at the scene.

The wallet snatcher was identified as 24-year-old Alan White, a homeless man. He was arrested and charged with theft and for lying about his identity.

“As a reminder, do not leave purses unattended while shopping,” police said in a statement.
“Carry your purse close to your body to make yourself less of a target from a purse snatcher.”

Sources: America Now

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