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Amy Coney Barrett Turns Heads In 'Armor' Outfit At Confirmation Hearing

On day three of the confirmation hearing, Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett deviated from her usual feminine fashion and chose a “more serious and professional” outfit. Gayle Perry, a leading fashion expert, told that this may have been Barrett’s own kind of “armor.”

Perry stated that this suit may have been Barrett’s way of expressing her own conservative views.

“Amy is wearing a tweed skirt suit which is a more structured, tailored, masculine and professional look to reflect her confidence and strength in her conservative beliefs,” Perry stated. 

Photo Credit: Twitter/Forbes

Photo Credit: Twitter/Forbes

“In addition, a suit acts more like armor than the dresses she’s worn. The jacket adds an added layer of protection and structure... as if to declare she is dressed for the part, ready to stand strong, firm and protected during the heated discussions.”

According to Perry, despite the more conservative choice of suit, this didn’t stop Barrett from expressing softer more feminine side through her lavender blouse.

“It’s significant that Amy chose a lavender blouse and multi-color suit rather than black or navy to emphasize her femininity and softness,” Perry said. 

Photo Credit: Twitter/AJ+

Photo Credit: Twitter/AJ+

Perry also maintained that the blouse showcased Barrett’s tribute to the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. According to Perry, Barrett's ruffled collar was an homage to Ginsburg, who had become famous for putting on embellished collars with her black robes.

“Her ruffle collar seems an homage to RBG,” Perry noted.

Perry also explained that the lavender color not only helped to “emphasize femininity and softness” despite the more masculine suit, it was also a reminder of the earliest days of the Supreme Court. 

“When judges first started wearing robes, violet was the chosen color for winter, a testament to her respect for the Supreme Court,” Perry told

“Her outfit is a balance between masculine and feminine, structured tweed protecting softness underneath. The color lavender was most certainly a deliberate choice,” she added.

Sources: America Now

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