Amazon Allegedly Refuses To Remove 'Deeply Offensive' T-Shirts Despite Pleas From Police

Photo Credit: KPRC 2 Click2Houston

Photo Credit: KPRC 2 Click2Houston

Last month, the Police Federation, which represents British officers, asked Amazon to remove the “deeply offensive” T-shirts with the “Blue Lives Murder” logo from its site. However, Amazon refused to honor their request.

A blue shirt, previously on sale for £17.95, showed a white officer raising a baton over a pair of arms. This shirt was removed by the individual seller.

However, dozens of other products bearing the logo are still on sale, including a T-shirt showing a pair of officers in riot gear roughly hauling a hooded man.

John Apter, the chair of the federation, recently revealed that he was in a meeting with Amazon UK executives on Monday and tried to convince them to stop selling the merchandise.

However, he claimed that the pleas were “rejected,” and that “The company maintained the merchandise does not contravene their policies.”

Apter stated: “Together with police colleagues, who have contacted me from across the UK, I consider this merchandise to be highly inflammatory and deeply offensive. I believe most members of the public will agree with me that this calls into account the moral judgment of Amazon. I really can't contain my anger and disgust that Amazon failed to act and refuse to remove the 'Blue Lives Murder' merchandise from sale. I met with senior directors from Amazon UK and they did not consider that the sale of these disgraceful items contravenes their policy on offensive and controversial materials. I think this is a bad decision and a wrong decision and smacks of poor judgment. I believe that this is a decision police officers and the public will find hard to understand and stomach.”

“Given recent attacks on my colleagues, this was an opportunity for Amazon to hear the voices of those officers, their families and others who have objected to the sale of these items and to show support for policing during this difficult and dangerous time. With policing under so much pressure and being unfairly vilified by some, this is a kick in the teeth. I hope Amazon will urgently reconsider their decision and put right the wrong many of us feel,” he added.

Photo Credit: KPRC 2 Click2Houston

Photo Credit: KPRC 2 Click2Houston

A spokesperson from Amazon UK responded, saying: “Amazon has strict guidelines in place and follows the local laws of every country we operate in. We also have public policies for third-party sellers, so that they understand the standards we expect of them. We have policies governing offensive and controversial materials which are posted publicly, and we invest significant time and resources to ensure our content guidelines are followed.”

While T-shirts with the “Blue Lives Murder” logo are currently not available on the Amazon UK website, mugs with the logo continue to be sold. 

Sources: America Now

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