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Alabama Sheriff's Office's 'Controversial' Christmas Tree Sparks Outrage

The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office sparked outrage after they posted this year’s Christmas tree.

The sheriff’s office decided to swap out the traditional ornaments, tinsel, and lights, and instead put up mugshots of their current inmates. Instead of a star or angel as the tree topper, they put up jail-issued sandals.

As if this was not offensive enough, the sheriff’s office referred to the photos as “thugshots” instead of mugshots, ignoring the racial undertones of using the word “thug” in such contexts.

The picture was posted on Thursday, which is affectionately called “Thug Thursday” by the sheriff’s office.

"HAPPY THUG THURSDAY MOBILE," the post’s caption read. "We have decorated our Tree with THUGSHOTS to show how many Thugs we have taken off the streets of Mobile this year!"

The post also jokes about inmates getting free COVID-19 tests, picking out stolen goods, and getting "custom" jumpsuit fittings.

The post was slammed by many who failed to see the humor in the offensive messaging.

“Thinking of all the ways that the Mobile Sheriff's Department could have just...not done this,” one person commented.

Another person wrote: “The ethos within law enforcement is definitely not ‘protect and serve,’ as evidenced by this Christmas tree decorated with ‘thugshots’ by the Mobile County @teamsheriff. So much for due process. So much for dignity. So much for putting Christ back in Christmas.”

“Just when u think Mobile can’t get any tackier the sheriffs office decorates their xmas tree w “thugshots” and tries to make an extremely lame joke like this... I hate it here,” yet another person commented.

“There i fixed your ‘thug tree’ you’re welcome,” one person wrote, and edited the sheriff’s office “thugshots,” replacing them with pictures of law enforcement officers convicted of various crimes, including Derek Chauvin, Tou Thao, Thomas Lane and J. Alexander Kueng – the officers involved in the killing of George Floyd.

Sources: America Now

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