After Discovering What Mom Did To His Dog, 13-Year-Old Boy Picks Up Cleaver And Takes Drastic Actions

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When a little boy told his mother that his dog was not doing too well, she came to him with a reasonable solution. She told him that perhaps it was time for them to consider putting the dog to sleep. The teenage boy did not want to even think about that possible solution to the pet problem. They argued, and when the 13-year-old became enraged, he ended up killing his mother, hacking her to death because of the dog.

Police say the incident happened on Saturday. 13-year-old Shao Fuming allegedly attacked and killed his mother, Yang Yan. After he murdered her, he then moved locations to a 24-hour restaurant where he sat quietly, waiting, until his mother’s mutilated corpse was discovered. After that, he was pursued by police.


Police now claim that the 13-year-old boy hacked to death his 37-year-old mother Yang Yan using a cleaver because they had a dispute over the family dog. Now the teenager, who lives in eastern China, was accused of committing the murder at the family home in Jiangsu province. They lived in Jianhu county, and the boy could not handle the feelings of rage within him, so he became violent and used the cleaver.

Officers arrested the teenager on Monday two days after the murder was committed. It wasn’t until then that her body was found in a bloody mess.

A neighbor explained to police that Yang killed the teen’s dog as a way to discipline him and “teach him a lesson.” However, the boy did not take kindly to the actions and went out of his mind with rage, which resulted in the mother’s death.

“His mother thought he played with the pet all day long,” the neighbor said. “So she threw it to its death in front of him.”

The mother’s actions were totally out of proportion. If that’s what she considered a good way to discipline her son, then it is no wonder that the boy thought rage and violence were appropriate actions to take when the mood struck.

The teenager fled his family home after hacking his mother to death with the clever. He then spent the next day holed up in a 24-hour restaurant where he ordered water and ate his own biscuits.

Because the father of the boy was a migrant worker, he spent most of the year away working, sending money back to his family. This meant that Yang was forced to raise the boy by herself. As he started to reach his teenage years, he grew extremely difficult to work with, and she had to resort to more drastic measures to keep him in line. But killing the boy’s dog was the one thing that threw him over the edge, as it was a rather brutal lesson to use.

In China, age 14 is the age of criminal responsibility. The boy will probably be tried as a minor. Teenagers between 14 and 16 can be tried for offenses including murder, robbery, or rape. It is unclear if the courts will try this boy as an adult or as a juvenile.

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