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After Daughter Wakes Up With Scratches On Face, Mom Makes Troubling Discovery On Baby Cam

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Parents need to be extremely vigilant when they have little children. Not only do there seem to be more sexual predators lurking around once-safe American neighborhoods, these predators are able to reach into a family’s home through internet forums and YouTube videos, influencing what children experience at a young age. However, when a set of parents found that their baby daughter awoke in the morning with three, deep scratches on her face, they decided to review the baby camera footage only to discover a nightmarish reality!

On the baby camera footage, the parent watched as a “ghostly male” figure walked past their baby’s crib in the middle of the night. Was it a ghost or was it a neighborhood predator intent on abusing the child? With the three deep scratches on the baby’s face, it seems it could have been either.


Michigan mom Heather Brough was the one who first found the “purple scratches” engraved in her baby’s cheek. Because she was concerned, she decided to check the footage on the in-room camera first. That turned out to be a good idea because she found the ghost walking by her baby’s crib – not she’s looking for a new home so she can move her family out of the “haunted” house.

Brough, 25, calls the violent ghost a “schizophrenic” because of what it is doing to her child. Because the baby girl, Lily, kept getting injured while she slept, Brough and her fiancé 30-year-old Josh Higgins checked the baby camera. They live in Higgins’ mother’s backhouse.

The footage clearly showed the parents a male figure walking past their baby’s crib. Now they’re terrified of the home and are ready to move out and find a place that is not haunted with violent “paranormal activity.”


The former owner of the guest house was an elderly woman who had a broken hip. She fell down the stairs and broke that hip and was not discovered for “a very long time.” Meanwhile, the woman’s schizophrenic brother lived in the guesthouse for years after the woman’s death until he met his gruesome end.

“This is a spirit,” Bough said with confidence. “I don’t know what its intentions are, but at this point, it’s becoming physically harmful. This has made us want to leave as soon as possible. As soon as possible we’re out of here.”

Because Bough’s daughter, Lily, is waking up with injuries, the family is ready to find a place that is not haunted by a schizophrenic ghost.


“Seeing Lily’s face with scratches was so bizarre and frightening. There was no explanation as to how that would have happened. It happened within 20 minutes (during one of her naps). We wondered if she’d scratched herself, but when we put her hands up to the scratches, it did not match up.”

Bough is almost certain that the ghost “is the previous tenant” who had schizophrenia. The fact that he had a mental illness worried Bough although he was long dead by the time she moved her family in here.

Sources: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Post Image

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