Adorable Kittens Are Being Fed Dead Dogs And Cats

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In the name of science, researchers did something that was utterly disgusting. It has now been revealed the researchers chopped up dog and cats and fed chunks of their meat to adorable kittens in the name of science. How was this science? The people in charge of the study wrote up the proposal in such a way that it became an acceptable practice for the US Department of Agriculture to commit.

The revelation came that the Department of Agriculture bought cats from China, animals that would be lost in the system, and then got them slaughtered and put the meat into buckets. The American workers at the Department of Agriculture then fed the animal parts to other cats. Why? Because they were twisted and messed up.


The bizarre practice occurred at the Maryland facility and went on for many years. Thankfully a watchdog organization has come forward to expose the USDA for its twisted experiments.

The USDA did not just feed cats to other cats, they took their twisted desires to the next level by force-feeding the animal hearts, brains, and parts of the tongue of dogs to the cats. They obtained these dog parts from a shelter in Brazil. They also harvested body parts from cats from another facility in Ethiopia. The USDA’s twisted experiments truly relied on different countries across the world for them to be able to do what they did.

The cats’ parts from Ethiopia were fed to USDA lab mice.

“It’s crazy,” former USDA scientist Jim Keen said. He co-authored the watchdog report and released it to the public. He spoke about the horrors to NCB News. “Cannibal cats, cats eating dogs – I don’t see the logic.”


The USDA experiments were taking place in Maryland as recently as 2015. They were supposedly conducted to study toxoplasmosis, which is a common parasitic infection that causes food-borne illness. Why they decided to feed cats parts of dogs and other felines remains somewhat of a mystery.

Keen and his co-authors claimed the USDA’s tests were “outdated, wasteful, and unnecessary.” Not only were the people administering the tests getting a twisted pleasure out of feeding cats parts of other cats, but they also did not even need to do it in the name of science.

The USDA was running a test that doesn’t even make sense since cats don’t usually eat other cats. And Americans don’t even eat cats. Why then were they killing kittens and feeding them to other cats?

Keen said that the kittens who survived the twisted USDA experiments were slaughtered and fed to other cats. Even though they were healthy and could have been put up for adoption. It was a twisted system that seemed to have no end.

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Florida Rep. Brian Mast has co-sponsored a bill to stop the kitten killing. The USDA allegedly bred 100 kittens every year and fed them contaminated cat and dog meat for a few months before killing them.

Rep Mast said: “The details of these kitten experiments keep getting worse and they need to end now.”

Can you believe what the USDA has been up to?

Sources: New York Post / Photo Credit: Post Image

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