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Abortions After 6 Weeks Are About To Become Illegal In These 2 States


Abortion laws in Georgia and Tennessee are changing. The state Houses have passed stricter laws called “heartbeat bills,” which have banned women from having abortions after they become more than six weeks pregnant. Although many women do not even discover that they are pregnant until after six weeks, the two states feel that this legislature is important for the sake of the people.

Georgia and Tennessee are not alone in their fight to limit abortion rights. They are among six states trying to pass similar legislation. Because fetal heartbeats can be detected as early as six weeks, the bill will prevent many women from getting abortions, forcing them to follow through with unwanted pregnancies, even if they do not have a way of paying for the child after birth, requiring the taxpayer to shell out more money for government benefits and handouts.


Although heartbeats are detectable as early as six weeks pregnant, they’re usually not easily detectable until the mother is about 10 to 12 weeks along.

However, some women do not even realize they are pregnant until they are as far along as five months, which means they will never have a chance to make a choice as to whether they want to keep the baby or not.

Opponents of these “heartbeat bills” argue that it is a violation of the decision made in Roe v Wade, the Supreme Court decision that officially legalized abortion across the United States. However, pro-life Americans hope that Trump’s two new justices will try to overturn the abortion ruling and change the landscape of women’s health in America.

The states that have the heartbeat rule are Mississippi, Florida, Kentucky, Ohio, and South Carolina, and now Tennessee and Georgia, who are all fighting to make the heartbeat the cut off point for a woman to get an abortion.


Although the bills have passed in the state houses, they have to go to the state Senate. If they pass there, the governor will then get a chance to either sign or veto the bill, passing it into law or not. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp plans to pass it if it makes it all the way to him.

The author of the bill in Georgia is Republican Representative Ed Setzler. During the course of the day, some opponents brought wire coat hangers into the legislature to remind people about the barbaric practices the state will force women to do if they are unable to care for a baby properly.

Meanwhile, Seltzer said that his bill “seeks to recognize that the child in the womb that is living distinct from their mother has a right to life that is worthy of legal protection.”


The Tennessee House followed suit, passing similar legislation through its republican supermajority government.

Meanwhile, pro-choice people hope the Supreme Court upholds the law as it stands.

Democratic Rep. Renitta Shannon admitted that she was one of the millions of women who had an abortion and talked until the Republicans cut her microphone and surrounded her to escort her off the floor, imploring her to yield her time. She stood firm passionate that women deserve the right to choose since they have to carry the baby and raise it after it is born.

What do you think about the push for change in abortion laws?

Sources: Daily Mail Online / Photo Credit: Post Image

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