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A Coincidence At This North Carolina Fire Department Will Warm Your Heart (Video)


Salisbury Fire Department in North Carolina made headlines when news broke that seven wives of the firefighters stationed there were all pregnant at the same time. The news has made many wonder if the occurrence was coordinated with one of the wives even joking that you "Do not take the water if they offer."

Their discovery

The glorious occurrence was first brought to light by firefighter-turned photographer and blogger Brianna Mitschele who discovered that 7 of her male friends still working at the fire department had wives that were all expecting babies at the same time. Mitschele approached the wives and asked them if they would mind sharing their story as well as take some photos.

The mothers have all admitted that their mutual pregnancies have enabled a remarkable bonding experience. In total, the women are expecting two boys and five girls. Earlier on, wives of two other firefighters gave birth at intervals of two and three months respectively. The latest case of 7 will bring the total number of babies to 9. One of the wives, Amber Overcash, revealed that some spouses planned their pregnancies while others came as a delightful surprise.

A similar case at a hospital in Maine

A hospital in Maine reported a similar incident when nine of its nurses serving at the hospital’s labor department got pregnant at the same time. All the nurses are scheduled to deliver sometime between April and July of this year, which is ironically posing a potential human resources crisis for the hospital. However, the hospital has already announced that they have a plan in place to prepare for this possibility.

The nurses posed for a common picture with each of them holding a piece of paper that stated their anticipated delivery dates. The picture was shared online and has since generated a lot of attention. Like the firefighters' wives, the nine nurses have also bonded over their common experience.

Sources: NBC New York, Flashpoint, CBS News / Photo Credit: NBC New York

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