95-Year-Old WWII Veteran Kicked Out Of Apartment While Recovering From Pneumonia

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Ilya Levin, while recovering from pneumonia, found out his Boston apartment had been cleaned out after the management company mistakenly evicted him from the Patricia White Apartments on Washington Street. All that remained was his WWII uniform.

The 95-year-old told Newscenter 5: “I’m shaking. I can’t believe it.”


His family walked into an empty apartment on Monday when they stopped by to check on things. Levin had been in a rehab facility for three weeks, recovering from pneumonia. His family had an extra set of keys, and had paid his rent two months in advance.


Eugene Levin told the station: “He had a little place where he would have all his pictures. His pictures of his parents that died during the Holocaust, it’s gone. It’s not here.”

His safe, which he had bolted to the closet floor, was also missing.


WCVB has yet to receive a comment from the property management company. The Mayor’s office launched an investigation into the matter.

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: WCVB Channel 5 Boston

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