8-Year-Old Girl Suspended From School For Wearing This Shirt (Photo)


A New Jersey mother, identified only as Crystal, says her daughter was suspended from school because she wore the wrong shade of green to class.

Crystal, of Camden County, New Jersey, said she received a phone call from the vice principal at Winslow Township School 4 informing her that her 8-year-old daughter, Kylie, had violated the school's dress code, Fox 29 reported.

“He wanted me to know that she can't wear that shirt and if she does wear that shirt again, she would be suspended,” she told Fox 29.

According to the Winslow Township Board of Education, students’ shirts or blouses must be white, navy blue or dark green. The shirt Kylie was wearing was kelly green.

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(Left: Kylie in kelly green shirt, Right: Karlie in dark green shirt)

Crystal said she spoke with both the assistant principal and principal about the incident.

“My child messed up, I messed it up for my child, and she be suspended next time for it, but to suspend a child over the shade of a shirt. I found it a little ridiculous,” Crystal said.

Kylie and her twin sister Karlie missed their bus the following morning. When they arrived at school a few minutes late, the principal reportedly turned them away.

“She told me don't bother to sign her in and told Kylie that she's not in school today,” Crystal said, adding that the girls were properly dressed.

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(Crystal speaking to Fox 29 reporter)

“I got suspended for wearing the different color they wanted me to wear,” Kylie said. “The principal told me that I don't have to stay here and I could leave.”

Another woman told the news station that her grandson was suspended from school for wearing the wrong shade of blue that same day. She said the boy had been wearing that same shirt regularly last year.

One parent, however, defended the school’s actions, saying the uniform policy was made clear from day one.

“I mean, if you start letting certain things slide, then you have to let a lot of things slide, and then everyone is pretty much wearing what they want to wear,” the parent said.

A spokesperson for the school told Fox 29 that Kylie was not suspended, but would not provide further details. Kylie and Karlie will return to class on Sept. 24.

Sources: Fox 29Winslow Schools / Photo Credit: Fox 29


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