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4 Texas Female Students Kick Pregnant Fast Food Employee’s Stomach, Get Instant Dose Of Karma

Photo Credit: Twitter via KSAT

Photo Credit: Twitter via KSAT

Note: we are republishing this story amid a surge in reported confrontations between food workers and customers during the coronavirus pandemic. More on that here:

A pregnant Popeye's employee was reportedly kicked in the stomach during a brawl that took place between customers and employees at the San Marcos, Texas, restaurant (video below).

In a clip of the fight, the restaurant's general manager can be seen being kicked in the stomach while other employees fight a group of young women.

Owner Vedo Kemraj told KSAT that the staff was defending the pregnant woman when they jumped in to fight the customers.

"If you see someone is pregnant, you’re not going to hit them. I don’t get that. Hopefully, she is going to be OK," Kemraj said. The fight, he added, began with a group of Texas State University students wanting to order four separate meals at the drive-thru.

The employee at the drive-thru window "asked (them) very nicely if they can place their order inside" because it was complicated.

"When the customers came inside, they started arguing with my general manager and went to the back of the counter and started fighting," Kemraj said.

The rest of the employees stepped in after the manager told the customers that she was pregnant and they continued hitting her.

A Texas State University spokesperson told KSAT that the school was looking into what happened, and didn't confirm that the customers involved were students. No charges were filed, and the manager, who is seven-and-a-half months pregnant, was taken to the hospital for an overnight stay to monitor the baby.

Many readers called for the four students who started the fight to be punished.

"They need to be found and charged with assault on the mother and the baby and they need to go to jail and the school needs to expel them. That's what's happened with these entitled pieces of crap that think they can go around and do whatever they want. Too bad there wasn't a person in the store with concealed carry maybe they could have taken some lead home with them too," one reader commented on Facebook.

"Well there are four of the girls go to that University and their on video. They shouldn't be to hard to find. They all can't keep this secret [quiet]. Someone will find out and report the incident," another wrote.

"My oh my. These 4 privileged college students are nothing but brats who think they are entitled to do whatever they please with no repercussions for their unlawful actions," another added. "These students behavior is inexcusable & they need to be held accountable."

Sources: KSAT

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