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3 Armed Women Force Man Into Car And Sexually Assault Him - Then Things Go From Bad To Worse

A South African man says he was forced into a vehicle at gunpoint by three women who then raped him, collected his semen and left him stranded in an open field.

The incident is the latest in a series of similar attacks in the country where groups of women have sexually assaulted men to collect their semen, The Star reported.

The 33-year-old victim told police he was stopped by a black BMW near Port Elizabeth by a woman. Another woman then pointed a shotgun at him and told him to get in the vehicle.

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The women drove the victim about 300 miles away from Port Elizabeth and began fondling him. The victim could not become aroused so the women made him drink an “unknown substance” to aid him.

“They pointed at him with a firearm directly, a shotgun,” Constable Mncedi Mbombo told The Star. “They gave him something to drink, then they left him after they got the sperm.”

According to the Daily Mail, the women raped the man repeatedly. They then stored his semen in plastic bags and placed the bags in a cooler box.

Mbombo believes the suspects could be working as part of a syndicate dealing in semen sales. Times Live recently reported that prostitutes in Zimbabwe have been drugging their clients and repeatedly having sex with them to collect their semen.

The Zimbabwe prostitutes would then sell semen to sangomas, a group of traditional healers who reportedly use the substance in their rituals. The 250 milliliter bottles, about 8.5 ounces, of semen would reportedly sell for anywhere between $25 and $30.

Daily Mail reported that women in Gauteng have also been forcing men to drink an unknown substance and then stealing their semen. No arrests have been made.

Mbombo said they are taking the investigation seriously. The victim told police the incident left him traumatized, but local newspaper The Herald reported that officers laughed at him when he described the crime.

Martin Pelders, founder of a support group called MatrixMen that deals with men who have been sexually assaulted, said police in South Africa do not know how to address men who have been victims of rape.

“They don’t open cases, or they are encouraged not to open cases,” Pelders told The Star. “We need to change the way that we see rape in this country, there are male victims.”

Irin News reported that more than 25 percent of men say they have been raped in South Africa. Nearly half of those men reported being raped by more than one person, according to a 2009 study by the Medical Research Council.

Sources: The Star, Daily MailTimes LiveIrin News

Photo Credit: Afrizim


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