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14-Year-Old Punk Attacks Terminally Ill 72-Year-Old Grandpa, Learns Valuable Lesson


In San Jose, California, a 14-year-old was caught and arrested following a disturbing crime. The child came up to an elderly man named Hector Estrada, 72, with a gun drawn and demanded that the old man hand over his keys to his Nissan Sentra. Estrada, who was simply trying to unload his groceries, refused to oblige the teenage carjacker. Because Estrada was not handing over his car keys that easily, the crook jumped into the Nissan and tried to drive away.

However, Estrada was not going to let the teenage carjacker get away with it too easily. Estrada continued to resist, making the teenager earn the grand auto theft. The teen tried to drive away, but Estrada continued to hold on as hard as he could.

The teenager then began throwing punches. He started to hit the elderly man, adding assault to his carjacking charge.

“He jumped in the car,” Estrada told KGO afterward. “Then I reached in there and grabbed him, and I tried to pull him back. He punched me and broke my glasses. That’s how I got all these cuts. Then I started bleeding so I couldn’t see anymore.”

Things escalated quickly, and Estrada found himself beaten and bloody. It was very disheartening for the elderly man who had simply wanted to bring his groceries into the house.

Ten minutes after the carjacking, the teenager’s run came to an end. He ran a red light and smashed into another vehicle. The teen then proved he was a coward, as he tried to flee the scene of the car crash. However, a witnessed tracked him down. However, as the witness got closer, the teenager pulled the gun and pointed it at his pursuer. That made the witness stop in his tracks. He was not trying to put his life on the line because he witnessed a car accident.

However, Karma caught up with the perpetrator not long after that. Police got ahold of him and arrested him. Now the teenager is facing assault charges as well as the carjacking charge.

Estrada is doing all right. Although the teenager used the vehicle to strike Estrada, the elderly man is tough and recovering from non-life-threatening injuries.

The teenager also hit the other driver with the vehicle. That person was rushed to the hospital but is listed as being in stable condition. That’s fortunate.

Since the arrest, the teenager was booked into the Santa Clara County Juvenile Hall on a number of charges including elder abuse, carjacking, robbery, and assault with a deadly weapon.

Because the teen not only used the vehicle as a weapon, he was armed with a firearm, you’d think he would be charged with attempted murder as well. Since the teen pulled the gun on the witnessed and threatened his life, that seems like a missed opportunity – and the cops could have charged him with something.

Now the teen will be tried as a minor and may be able to get off with a light sentence. Hopefully, he learns his lesson and changes his ways.

Sources: Fox 8 Cleveland / Photo Credit: Post Image

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