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13 Year Old Boy Surprises Struggling Mother With New Car (Video)


13-year-old William Rabillo surprised his single mother by buying her a car through doing yard work and trading in his Xbox.

The family has been struggling after an unfortunate situation

According to reports, the mother Krystal Preston, her son, two other children, and their three dogs had to start from scratch recently. William is the oldest child, which made him feel like he could do something about the situation.

Preston said she was proud that her son could do something so incredible for her in one of her lowest moments. She indicated that in life, everyone goes through a rough patch at some point. However, in every difficult situation there is always good that can come out of it. She added that her son was also merely tired of seeing her cry so frequently.

After school, William started doing house and yard work for people in the community to earn some extra cash. The boy said that he had originally seen videos on YouTube of people buying their mom a car which motivated him to do the same.

Mom can't believe her son bought her a car

William came across a 1999 white Chevy Metro being sold on Facebook which initially got him interested. He recounted how he thought the car was cheap and asked the owner whether he could trade the car for his Xbox or earn it instead. Although the owner at first did not agree to the idea of trading the car for William’s Xbox, she later changed her mind and ended up driving the car to William’s house.

During this whole process, Krystal recounted how her son would constantly ask her odd questions about cars and vehicle parts. She wasn’t sure why her son kept asking such questions before he eventually gave her the surprise.

Initially, William told his mom that he had gotten her something she couldn’t believe. He then led her to the driveway and said "mom, there's your car." Krystal could not hold back her tears, as she was overwhelmed with emotion over her son's gesture.

“What 13-year-old gets their mother a car” Krystal asked while speaking to KOLO. Krystal told reporters that there was no way she could express her joy and gratitude for her son William.

Sources: Fox 5, Daily News, Good News Network / Photo Credit: Fox 5

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