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10-Year-Old Boy Warned School About Him Being Bullied, Now He's No Longer With Us

Photo Credit: ABC 6

Photo Credit: ABC 6

Texas-based Robinson Elementary School is in the spotlight after one of its students, 10-year-old Kevin Reese Jr., reportedly committed suicide after being seriously bullied at school.

Kevin's mom, Crystal Smith, demanded her son’s school take action following his suicide which she claims was motivated by constant bullying at school. She described Kevin as a goofy kid with a big smile and expressed disbelieve in the fact that her son ended his own life at such a tender age.

Bullies threatened Kevin at his school

Crystal says that prior to his death, her son was seriously struggling due to torment from bullies. She told a Texas news outlet that the sentence ‘Kill yourself, you don't belong here,' was written on Kevin's tablet.

Even more saddening is that Crystal brought up the issue with the school, but school officials dismissed her claims due to an apparent lack of evidence indicating a physical fight. They even claimed that there was no bullying at the school more generally in contrast to Kevin's story.

Crystal recounts the horrifying call

Kevin took his life as soon as he came home from school with his older sister. At the time, Crystal was out of town on a business trip. As far as parental supervision is concerned, Kevin’s stepdad was supposed to be babysitting the kids, however, that day he was delayed at work and did not come home until it was simply too late. It was then that Crystal received the horrifying call from her daughter who was screaming Kevin’s name over the phone.

Kevin's sister frantically told her mom that her brother had hung himself in the closet. Crystal then quickly told her to cut the rope and call 911. But at that point, it was unfortunately too late and Kevin was already gone. While still in mourning, Crystal maintains that her son’s death could have been prevented had the bullying been properly addressed before Kevin decided to take his life.

Crystal seeks solace in the hope that telling her story might help someone else facing a similar situation. She urged parents to communicate and give attention to their children because things might not always be going well in school. Bullying is one of the biggest problems that children face while in school and she hopes that other children will not end up suffering the same fate as her son.

Sources: ABC 6, Bet, Complex

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