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Mother Finds Family Dog Bleeding On Porch With Note Explaining What Happened

The Rogers County Sheriff’s Office left a note on her door explaining that a deputy had shot the dog. She checked Bruno and found a bullet wound.


Teenage Walmart Employee's Secret Finally Emerges

A Walmart employee’s incredible act of kindness went viral.


Family Told To Pull The Plug On Brain Dead Teen, Then One Man Pays Her A Visit

Doctors informed the parents that it seemed their daughter was brain-dead


Mom Drops Kids Off At Park, Tells Them To Wait - Hours Later They Begin Walking

Police say an Arizona mother abandoned her daughter and her younger sister at a park. They have charged her with neglect.


Man's Unexpected Facebook Post About His 75-Year-Old Neighbor Goes Viral Online

A group of 40 volunteers came together on Saturday to fix an elderly man's roof.


Mom Of Armed Black Man Shot Dead By Police Has Surprising Message For Police-Haters

The mother of a drug dealer who was shot dead by police had a shocking reaction to her son's death that quickly went viral.


Pastor Learns Elderly Man Died All Alone, Was Not Prepared For What Was In His House

A pastor has shared a heartbreaking video showing what he found in the home of an elderly man in his community after the man had passed away.


7-Eleven Clerk’s Response To Seeing Soldier’s Military ID Left Him Stunned

A soldier in Washington state said he was denied service at a convenience store after showing the clerk his military ID.


Old Man Gets Off Bus And Drops Bags On Ground, Cop ‘Sickened’ When He Learns What’s Inside Them After They Get Stolen

A police officer in Gainesville, Florida, replaced groceries for an elderly man who had them stolen after getting off the bus.


Little Boy Gets Punished For Something Out Of His Control, Then He Gets The Last News He Was Expecting

It's just one of many special occasions that probably bring back awful memories each year.


Mother Sparks Outrage, Faces Death Threats After Posting Photo Online

A right wing conservative blogger and mom is facing serious backlash after she tweeted a picture of herself holding an AR-15 assault rifle and a bible while standing in front of an American flag.


Teenagers Shoveling Snow To Help Out Had No Clue Who Was Right Inside One Of The Homes

A group of Colorado teens got the shock of their lives when they discovered who was inside one of the homes where they were shoveling snow for in their neighborhood.


Bully Pours Super Glue On Teen Girl's Hair, Victim Responds Accordingly

A Texas high school student is showing off her new hairstyle after a classmate allegedly poured super glue all over her head.


Men Brutally Attack Officer On Death's Door, Police Car Door Opens And Releases K-9

A manhunt was launched for three suspects who beat Deputy Frazier and cut him with a box cutter.


After Illegal Immigrant Killed Her Husband & 2 Kids, Widowed Mom Decides To Fight Back

An illegal immigrant responsible for the crash that killed her loved ones had only received a two-year prison term, which Courtney called "a slap on the wrist."


Bystanders Watch As Sexual Assault Unfolds On Subway Train, Lone Hero Decides To Step In

Osborne subdued Denica and dragged him to 78th Precinct station house.


Woman Bites Officer During Arrest, Blood Test Results Come Back With Terrible News

The incident occurred after Smith was arrested during a traffic stop because she was driving with...


Arby's Sign Letters Allegedly 'Rearranged' Into 'Extremely Offensive' Message

An Arby’s restaurant in Minneapolis issued an apology after its sign was vandalized, the letters rearranged into a racist message.


Little Girl Throws Gift In Trash, Mother Uses Plastic Bag To Teach Her A Lesson About Gratitude

This realization stated after Hassell made her way through three different stores to find the perfect pencil box for Presleigh.


Boy Calls Parents During Burglary While Home Alone, Dad Who's An Off-Duty Cop Arrives And Fatally Shoots Burglar

A veteran off-duty City of Miami officer shot and killed a previously convicted burglar in the driveway of his southwest Miami-Dade home.


Gunfight Between 79-Year-Old Army Vet And Gun Shop Burglars Ends With 1 Person Dead

The suspects had already taken some guns, with deputies finding one on the road and others by the building.


Man Finds $5 American Flag At Flea Market, Sees Writing On Stripes And Goes On A Mission

The flag, which featured messages written by her son’s platoon mate...


4 Men Attack Pizza Delivery Guy, Fail To Recognize Him Until It’s Too Late

Four thugs in Illinois had no idea who they were messing with when they decided to attack the Beggars Pizza delivery guy.

Waffle House Waitress Picks Up Shift For Extra Money, Man's Tip Leaves Her 'Sick' Promo Image

Waffle House Waitress Says She Felt ‘Sick To Her Stomach’ After Seeing Customer’s Tip On Receipt

A waitress at a Tennessee Waffle House was shocked when she saw what was written in the tip line on a customer's receipt.


Victim's Family Accuse Cop Of Racism After Fatal Shooting, Then They Find Out His Race

According to authorities, he was wielding two knives when he was fatally shot by an officer.


Texas Woman Politely Holds Open Restaurant Door, Hears Elderly Lady's Remark And Decides To Speak Up

Brooke learned about the woman’s difficult time – her mother had recently passed away and her aunt was moved into a nursing home.


Woman Who Spent $120k Modifying Her Body Shares Photo Of Herself Before Transformation

Luke spent $50,000 on about 600 tattoos, including having blue ink injected into her eyeballs in a 40 minute procedure that blinded her for three weeks.


Court Room 'Gasps' As Weapon Used To Murder Female Student Is Presented To The Judge

Two strong security guards brought in a massive 82lb rock into the Western High Court in Cape Town, South Africa.


California Prisoner Has Now Beaten 2 Child Molesters To Death With A Cane While In Jail

In the letter, Watson stated that hours before the attacks...


Grandfather Of Teen Killed By Homeowner's Son During Burglary Claims AR-15 Made Fight ‘Unfair’

The grandfather of one of the three teen suspects killed during a break-in on Monday has spoken out for the first time.


Man Smirks At Widow As She Cries In Court, Judge Wipes The Grin Off His Face When He Reads Verdict

Drama ensued in a courtroom in New Jersey, which made the sitting judge angrily pronounce a life sentence verdict...


Man Arrested, Charged With Felony Assault Over Comments To Waitress

A Missouri man was arrested for felony assault and faces hate crime charges for reportedly using racial slurs towards an African-American waitress.


Woman ‘Offended’ By Coffee Shop’s Police Sign, Company Comes Back With Perfect Response

A Jackson, Missouri, woman's post on the Facebook page for a local coffee shop went viral after the shop defended a controversial pro-police sign.


Officer Saves Choking Baby, Mother Thanks Him In Big Way

After a Georgia police officer saved a baby from choking, the baby's parents asked the officer to be her godfather.


A Customer Offered A Homeless Woman Food, Then Realized Something Didn't 'Feel' Right

A stranger's act of kindness and a homeless woman's show of gratitude has gone viral.


Teen Girl Sees Wounded Cop On Side Of Road, EMT Delivers News That Leaves Her In Tears

A Miami teenager saved the life of an injured police officer.


Massive Crowd At Vigil Stunned After Seeing What Was In 10-Year-Old Guest’s Hand

The boy had aspired to study dentistry when his life was taken "too soon.”


Waitress' George W. Bush Tweet Sparks Outrage Online

A waitress is facing major backlash after sharing a photo of herself with former president...


Teen Tortured By Sadistic Family For Years, Escapes And Gets Revenge

A Northern California teen who was tortured and chained to a fireplace for over a year finally got the revenge...


McDonald’s Worker Tells Cop ‘I Ain’t Serving No Police’, Boss Has Perfect Reply

McDonald's is conducting an investigation after an employee at a Virginia franchise reportedly refused to serve a police officer in uniform.