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Farmer And 16 Cows Found Dead, Cause Of Death Finally Discovered

A farmer and 16 of his cattle have died in a freak accident after a...


Man Beats His Ex-Wife In Public, Moments Later Good Samaritan Gives Him Instant Dose Of Karma

CCTV footage of the incident captured the man hitting a defenseless woman on the head without mercy.


Couple Get Stuck Inside Mangled Truck After Accident, Woman Sees 'Smiling Man' Through Her Window

Arika Stovall and her boyfriend Hunter were in his truck when it drifted off the road and hit a pillar at 75mph.


Convicted Pedophile Sexually Abused 9 Children, Gets Brutal Reckoning In Prison

Cesar Pastrana was killed in Hancock State Prison in Sparta, Georgia, during a fight with a fellow inmate.


Teen Walmart Employee Arrested After Beating 70-Year-Old Woman Inside Of Store

She is now encouraging witnesses to step in when they see a similar incident.


Man In Line At Burger King Decides To Teach Annoying Kid And His Mom A Lesson In Manners

Everyone has experienced an unruly child in a public place, but one man was so fed up by a child whining nearby that he took matters into his own hands to get revenge.


Mom Recovering From Heroin Addiction Shares Photo At Her Lowest Point, Here’s How She Looks Now

The images show Matos struggling to keep her eyes open, with sores and marks on her face.


NASCAR Driver Forced To Apologize After Using 'Offensive' Word During Virtual Race

Deegan was streaming on Twitch when she was nudged by another driver during the game race.


Father Watches His 16-Year-Old Girl Die, Gets Arrested After Taking Matters Into His Own Hands

The father of a 16-year-old killed in a car crash was arrested for trying to build a higher guardrail on the side of a bridge where his daughter died.


Waitress Gets '$0' Tip On '$187' Bill, Turns Heads After Making Facebook Post In Response

A waitress in Colorado used social media to teach a lesson about labor in America.


Boy Almost Dies And Comes Back To Life, Says Jesus Gave Him This Message For The World

A boy was resuscitated after a car crash and said he met Jesus while in a coma -- sharing a stunning message in the process.


4-Year-Old Boy Stops Breathing, Dies Week After Common Activity Almost Every Kid Enjoys

A week after he had been swimming, a 4-year-old boy from Texas died of dry drowning.


Young Boy Accidentally Puts Dent In Neighbor's Car, Mom Receives Note With 'Bill' For Repairs

After a three-year-old boy scratched a neighbor’s car, his parents quickly owned up, offering to foot the repair bill.


Thief Looks At Wallet He Just Stole From Petrified Victim, Turns Himself In After Looking Inside

19-year-old Connor Dawes turned himself in and called himself “scum” for beating up a young man with Asperger’s, the court heard.


Woman Follows Pregnant Beggar, Quickly Uncovers The Sickening Reality

She stated that the two had been at Eastlake Village Center every weekend for about two months.


Woman Stunned By What Jeff Foxworthy Did Behind Her Back At Grocery Store

A Georgia mother was beginning to feel stressed out in line at the grocery store when a man with a familiar face stepped in and helped her out in a big way.

Investigators Uncover Cause Of 'Suspicious' Bear Deaths Promo Image

Officials Now Know What Happened To 4 Dead Bears Found Outside Church

The cause of death of multiple bears that were discovered in a Pennsylvania church parking lot has been revealed.

Sweater At Target Called 'Deeply Offensive'; Target Responds: Get Over It (Photos) Promo Image

Target Refuses To Pull 'Offensive' Sweater From Shelves After Customers Complain

Target garnered intense criticism for a Christmas sweater that seemingly mocked people who

Image Of Woman In Convenience Store Goes Viral Promo Image

Photo Of Women In Convenience Store Turns Heads Online After People Notice Small Detail

A photo of two bikini-clad women standing at the check-out of a convenience store..


Video Of What Firefighter Was Caught Doing To Little Girl At Car Crash Goes Viral Online

A California firefighter was praised after being spotted comforting a young girl while her mother and sister were treated for injuries they got in a car crash.


Mother Snaps Photo Of Kids At Beach, Is Floored When She Realizes What Else It Caught

A mother's photo of her daughter and a friend is going viral.


Teenager Harasses Mother On Subway, Quickly Learns Why That's A Bad Idea

An intense video showed the moment a woman being harassed by a teen on the subway decided to take matters into her own hands.


Meteorologist Asked To Cover Up During Live Broadcast

Suddenly, her broadcast is interrupted by someone appearing


She Refused To Pull The Plug On Her Husband, Years Later He Awoke And Said 2 Unexpected Words

A woman refused to give up on her husband after doctors told her she needed to "pull the plug" on him following a vehicle crash that left him on the brink of death.


Fireman Says He Delivered Baby, Wife Stunned At What She Finds 2 Days Later

A Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, firefighter went from having a normal work day to having his life changed forever...


Teen Suckerpunches Unsuspecting Boy With Brass Knuckles, Pays The Price

The attack by 16-year-old Kane Millsaps against the boy was caught on camera, according to KARK.


Mom Reads Anal Sex Passage From School Library Book, Keeps Going After They Cut Her Mic

Kara Bell, a mother and former Lake Travis Independent School District board member candidate, was outraged when she stood to address a board meeting last week.


Image Of Heartbreaking Car Wreck Turns Heads For One Reason That’s Hard To Spot

A police officer in Georgia comforted an 8-year-old boy who was injured during a car crash on an interstate.


Man Who Beat His 2-Day-Old Baby To Death Faces Brutal Reckoning After Cellmate Discovers His Secret

A father who killed his newborn daughter by fatally punching her was found dead in his prison cell.


Witness Takes Out Phone, Snaps Photo Of Horrific Car Crash After Noticing What’s In Crowd

Dozens of strangers in Ruskin, Florida came together to help car accident victims on the highway.


Mom Straps Her Newborn In Car Seat, Throws Her Out 2nd-Story Window Before Taking Her Last Breaths

Shelby Carter is being hailed a hero after her quick thinking saved her newborn daughter’s life on Monday.


Server Slips Texan Couple Note, They Don't Read It Until After Leaving Restaurant

Carlos Sepeda Jr. and his wife Tammy recently fled their Houston home, having found themselves living a nightmare.


School Punishes 1st Grader For Mom's Hardship, Grandma Makes Them Pay The Price

After a picture of the boy eating alone was shared on Facebook, the ensuing outrage and hundreds of complaints forced the school to change its tardiness policy.


Dad Bothered By Everyone Staring At Him In Grocery Store, Then Employee Taps His Shoulder

One man's story about an incredibly selfless grocery store worker's willingness to help when his daughter got sick in the middle of the store went viral.


Man Arrested Over 'Derogatory' Bumper Sticker On His Pickup Truck

There have been claims of America having a ‘free speech crisis’ where people are saying it's rampant on the internet and college campuses.


Stranger Waits For Mom To Leave Waiting Room, Hands Her Son Envelope With Stunning Note Inside

An Alabama mother who was having a tough day was shocked when she looked inside the envelope her son handed to her...