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Zookeepers In Sydney Are Raising A Baby Echidna, And It's Adorable (Video)

In a few months, the tiny creature will look like an intimidating cross between a platypus and a porcupine. But for today, it’s a bald baby that can easily fit in the palm of a hand.

Caretakers at Sydney’s Taronga Zoo believe the echidna puggle accidentally fell out of its mother’s pouch at some point, Mail Online reports. Someone found the helpless creature while out on a walk and brought it to the zoo. The puggle appears to be around 30 days old. In the wild, it would be stored in a burrow under its mother’s supervision for another six to seven months.

“At the moment I’m keeping it in a small esky (portable cooler) just to keep it at the right temperature,” Taronga’s Wildlife Hospital director told Mail Online. “They actually have a very low temperature of 25 to 27 degrees (Celsius, equivalent to 77 to 81 F). The esky is really good at keeping that constant temperature.”

Caretakers only have to feed the puggle every two days for now, which is about how frequently it would feed off its mother in the wild.

“Mum only comes back then every few days to feed the puggle,” the caretaker said. “At the moment I only have to feed this one every two days.”

The zoo’s staff estimates it will keep up the current care routine for another six months. The zoo provided some footage of the adorable puggle feeding (video below). 

Source: Mail Online / Photo Credit: Screenshot


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