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Zoo Staff Member's Good Deed Goes Viral (Photo)

A parking attendant's good deed has gone viral after he went the extra mile to make sure a customer was safe.

Paul Weaver, an employee at Chester Zoo in Chester, England, noticed that a tire on visitor Fiona Gray's car was flat, so he filled it with air, reports the Manchester Evening News.

When Gray returned to her car at the end of the day, she found a note on it.

"Hi, we noticed that your rear passenger side [tire] was low on air (slow puncture maybe!)," the note read. "We have blown it up to 30 PSI at 3-45, so hope that gets you home O.K."

Gray was so touched by the note that she snapped a picture of it and posted it on the Chester Zoo's Facebook page.

"Came to the car to find this on the windscreen!" she captioned the note, which has received more than 107,000 "likes" and thousands of shares.

"I'd love them to know how thankful we are," Gray added in a comment.

Weaver later told the Manchester Evening News that he was "gobsmacked" when he saw that his note had gone viral.

"I didn’t expect this reaction at all," he said. "The woman was clearly going to have a problem driving home, so I decided to pump up her tire and thought she’d get it checked afterwards.

"One of my daughters said to me: 'Dad, what have you done? You’re all over Facebook!'"

Weaver might not have thought much of his good deed, but Dom Strange, head of commercial operations at the zoo, said staff members very proud of Weaver.

"The people who work here really care about the place; they’re proud of Chester Zoo and the conservation and education work it carries out around the world, and I think that shines through in our customer service," Strange said. “We also always try and reward staff whenever they go above and beyond and so, this week, we’ll certainly be dishing out extra bacon butties to all of the carpark team to say thank you and to celebrate their success.”

Sources: Manchester Evening News (2), Facebook / Photo Credit: Facebook (2)


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