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Zoo: Shirtless Man Claimed To Be Tarzan, Tried To Enter Monkey Exhibit (Video)

John William Rodenborn was arrested on Aug. 4 at the Santa Ana Zoo in California after he allegedly tried to climb into a monkey exhibit while under the influence of drugs (video below).

Cpl. Anthony Bertagna of the Santa Ana Police Department told KABC, "He was found to be in possession of crystal methamphetamine, and under the influence of crystal methamphetamine."

Zoo Director Kent Yamaguchi told KTLA that Rodenborn claimed to be Tarzan, climbed over a fence, got up into some trees, made his way over another barrier and was heading towards a monkey exhibit. It's unclear if Rodenborn actually entered the enclosure.

Police reportedly caught Rodenborn after a brief chase. No animals were injured and the zoo visitors were escorted out of the area.

Sources: KTLA, KABC via YouTube / Photo Credit: Santa Ana Police Department Media Handout


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