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YouTuber Spots UFO On NASA's Live Feed (Video)

A YouTube user posted some video (below) on March 2 derived from NASA's live feed -- from the International Space Station -- of an object hovering above the earth.

The video also shows also two objects that appear to hover below the UFO, reports RT.

The user recalled the moment on his YouTube page:

I thought I was seeing things. I had to be quick. This should appear in the archive later for those wanting verification. The dimming at the end was sudden and my guess is they turned down the brightness a little because they spotted it. Sorry about quality, but it was hundreds of miles away.

The UFO of Interest blog told RT: "It is a hoax by Youtuber Streetcap1. The video is real, not fake, but it shows just lens reflections."

UFO of Interest shared a similar lens reflection, or lens flare, from another ISS feed. UFO of Interest also said the YouTuber did not provide links to raw footage of the incident.

YouTube commenters were mixed over the footage:


why does everyone keep asking lately about lights on a space ship as if that rules it out!?? the question SHOULD BE, why would "space debris" need lights I can think of 100 different reason off the top why light would be needed on a Space craft. MOST COMMON SENSE ANSWER IS, you may not need lights in outer space but on whichever planet they come from I'm sure they'd need it then. not to mention the creatures life that lives in the darkest part of our Planet all evolved to emit light in various colors .. need i peddle the brain any further about lights on space crafts?? smh

thats a real mothership with patrols,wow, can we clean this up a bit.

Come on NASA for once tell the truth to us people,why all the secrecy we are not that blind to what you are doing.One day the truth will come and you will all be made to look like utter fools.Who pays your funding?

People can't deny that there's other intelligent life out there in the universe besides us. The universe is huge. There's bound to be other lifeforms that are much smarter and more advanced than we are. They probably conceal themselves and observe us because they think we are too primitive/stupid. These advanced lifeforms probably have access to ships that can cross solar systems in extremely short amounts of time hence they go out and look for other intelligent forms of life to observe their evolution.

Sources: Streetcap1/YouTube, RT / Photo credit: NASA

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