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YouTuber Poses As Blind Man To Test Strangers' Honesty About Winning Lottery Ticket (Video)

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A popular YouTuber conducted a social experiment (video below) in which he posed as a blind man and asked people to confirm whether or not a lottery ticket he had was a winning one. 

Jag Singh conducted the experiment in both rich and poor neighborhoods in Modesto, California, and highlighted the shocking results. In the video, Singh first approaches a man in a well-off area of town to help him confirm the winning numbers. 

“Is it a winner?” Singh asks the man. “My mom gave it to me and she told me it’s a big winner.” Stunningly, the man grabs the ticket from Singh’s hand and walks away once he says he’s blind. 

The ticket, which was a $500 winner, is subsequently taken by another resident in a rich neighborhood, who refuses to give it back to Singh after confirming its legitimacy.

Singh then asks homeless individuals to confirm the ticket’s legitimacy — many of whom are enthusiastic about Singh’s win and even congratulatory. 

“$500 winner!” one homeless man says.

Another woman also expresses excitement upon confirming Singh’s win — prompting him to reveal himself and give her a reward for her honesty.

Watch the full experiment below.

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