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YouTube Star Bathes In Hot Sauce, Pain Follows (Video)

British YouTube star Cemre Candar submerged himself in a bathtub filled with 1,250 bottles of hot sauce, an experience that gave him extreme pain and a video (below) with more than two million views since Aug. 3.

The video begins with Candar pouring the hot sauce into the tub, adding some chili peppers and then dropping himself into the mix while wearing swim trunks, notes First We Feast.

In the first few seconds, he appears to be alright, but then starts groaning in pain and gasping, "Oh my God!" and "Ohh it hurts!"

Candar tries to calm himself down, eats a hot pepper covered in hot sauce and then completely submerges himself in the red liquid.

Candar soon sits up and his eyes appear to be burning as he calls for a towel from someone off-camera. The person hands the towel to Candar who yells, "Oh my God, oh my God!" and "I'm done! I'm done!"

Candar climbs out of the tub, washes himself in a nearby sink and then enters a shower.

The words "Very Painful Hours Later..." appear on the screen, and Candar tells his audience how he feels like he's "been through hell and came back."

Candar says he felt pain in every cell of his body, and adds that he may go to a doctor.

The web celeb describes how the sauce was in his nose and ears, but adds that the stunt was "the greatest idea I’ve ever had."

Medical Daily noted in 2014 that spicy foods get their burn from capsaicin, and listed five home remedies that may help cool down one's tongue and mouth.

The first remedy is milk because it contains the protein casein, which can break down the bonding that capsaicin creates on nerve receptors, per the American Chemical Society.

The second remedy is to drink alcohol, but that may only be a temporary fix and could spread the capsaicin oil.

The third remedy, granulated sugar and honey, can help neutralize the fire in your mouth by absorbing capsaicin oil.

Milk chocolate is the fourth remedy that may reduce the burning because its high fat content (and casein) can help take off some of the capsaicin.

The fifth remedy is chewing on bread, which can help absorb the capsaicin.

Of course, if you're in serious pain, then you should always seek medical care as soon as possible. Do not make a video, just go to the ER.

Sources: First We Feast, Medical Daily / Photo Credit: CemreCandar/YouTube

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