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YouTube Prankster Jack Vale Turns The Tables On A Scammer (Video)

Have you ever typed a familiar URL, like, and found yourself staring at an unfamiliar website? It’s easy to miss a key and accidentally wind up on a scam website that warns something is wrong with your computer.

YouTube comedian and prankster Jack Vale decided to turn the tables on the online scammers and document the process. Vale pretended to be an old couple who doesn’t understand how computers work and called a phone number listed on the scam site.

The scammer ruthlessly told Vale that she’ll need access to the computer for 8 hours. After Vale, pretending to be an old man, tells the scammer he only has $400 to his name, the scammer doesn’t relent. She informs Vale that her services will cost $399. 

“I don’t think it could have been any more perfect, what do you think?,” the scammer giggles.

When the scammer asks for Vale’s credit card information, he lets her in on his act. She reacts badly and swears before hanging up.

Vale said the scammers’ phone number was disconnected two hours before he posted the video.

Source: The Blaze Image via The Blaze


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