Your Worst Suspicions Confirmed: Claw Machines Are Rigged (Video)


According to Vox writer Phil Edwards, there’s a reason it’s so difficult to win anything from a claw machine. Just as people have suspected for years, these stuffed animal-filled machines are, indeed, rigged. 

Vox recently created a video detailed the secrets behind claw machines. In the video, Edwards revealed that these machines have the technology to keep track of money spent and regulate the power of the claw based on that. In other words, if the amount of money spent at the machine is less than the cost of the prize, the claw will only be partially powered. Its diminished power makes it weaker and unable to grasp firmly enough on a prize to secure it. 

According to the video, it takes an average of 21 full attempts for the machine to financed enough to give the claw maximum power. This, however, is randomized, even making it difficult for people doing the math to win anything.

In addition, the machines have a function that allows for the claw to pick up a prize and begin to move it before purposely dropping it. The goal is to taunt the player and make them believe they’re one step closer to actually winning.

Check out the disappointing details about everyone’s favorite — and least favorite — claw game below.

Sources: LiftBump, Elite Daily, YouTube

Photo Credit: liftbump.com


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